Because the word “war” stands with a view to Ukraine in Russia after the intensification of the media law on the index. “Special Operation”, under this Duktus national media must report on the brutal attack on the neighboring country.

Ukraine War: Germany to wean itself off reliance on Russian energy

Independent or Kremlin-critical media such as the newspaper “Nowaja Gaseta” explained that they no longer appear until the end of the war. The groos of the media operates line-based with the Putin regime, which also blocks social media. The result: there are hardly any independent information to the population.

DFL does not want to shake the contract with licensee Match TV for the time being

Now the licensee for Russia, match TV, at the weekend broke the transfer of top game between BVB and RB Leipzig off because of Proukrainian embassies in the stadium. Already in March it had given similar problems. In the contract, the DFL for the first nevertheless does not want to say about Special Operation request: “At the past matchdays, peace bluff were present from the stadiums of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga through live and time-shifted transmissions for the Russian population. Numerous games were shown in full. At the same time, we have noted that, to the transfer of transmission according to anti-war embassies, it has also given massive restrictions. This has addressed the DFL to Match TV in the offered clarity. “

pictures arrive – league wants to reach people in Russia

Unlike the Premier League or the Ligue 1, which exposed their contracts in Russia, the league relies on the embassies from the stadiums. At least one argument is that the pictures arrive again. Furthermore, it says in the league statement: “that the DFL in the current situation will not benefit from the partnership with Match TV and donates the revenues still outstanding in the framework of the partnership in this season in favor of humanitarian aid is known. The DFL is currently setting Furthermore, the opportunity to achieve people in Russia with peace messages from the stadiums. At the same time, we obviously observe exactly whether and to what extent this possibility is still given. “