** Inlost Ark there are 6 attributes that you can have on your equipment. We tell you which attributes you ought to not pick as well as why that is.

Which attributes are the “bad”? The evil attributes are:

That says a minimum of the user Civocivocivo, who has actually simply developed the Reddit string with the most upvotes at Lost Ark (by means of reddit). He criticizes that also players with high Gearscore frequently put on the incorrect stats. In the remarks he obtains much inspiration for his declaration and also his introduction.

If they use these attributes, he even refers to the 3 attributes as pointless and declares that in Korea in the end-Game gamer is straight arranged out. That need to dominate so gradually in the West.

Just what is the trouble? While the other attributes – Krit, field of expertise and flickness – enhance the damage tremendously, bring the 3 “negative statistics” defensive or details bonuses. That’s exactly what in the later dungeons need to be inconsequential and obstacle.

  • Mastery
  • Capability
  • Strength

A lot more damage and much less cooldowns are the most effective defensive

What specifically do the attributes?

  • Mastery guarantees more damage to adversaries that have been thrown back and also/ or have debuffs. The problem, nonetheless, is that simply bosses in the PBE are frequently immune to CC.
  • Competence increases the duration of debuffs and the damage you are triggering. Furthermore, the duration of debuffs is decreased to on your own.
  • Strength, on the other hand, raises your defensive, guards as well as recovery.

Durability is still intriguing for the assistance courses Barde and Paladin on the paper, however even in the endgame their focus on expertise and flickness, as they strengthen the course abilities and lower the cooldown of the abilities.

As a 2nd example, he reveals the damage of the fatality blade when attacking the surge skill on the back of the enemy. With 200 specialization, these 1.72 million damage causes 1.200 field of expertise 3.38 million.


As Darkness Hunter with just 200 field of expertise, it creates 17% more damage to the skills in the devil form as well as the duration of the mold and mildew is enhanced by 8.5%. Whoever has 1,200 specialization, creates 103% even more damage as well as prolongs the period by 51.5%.

Generally of thumb, therefore, for numerous: that triggers rapid damage and also has much less cooldowns on his capability should be less with the auto mechanics of bosses. Attack is the very best protection in Lost Ark.

How huge is the difference in between the stats? significant. The RedDit customer has actually discussed 2 instances in his thread.

Who suggests the turning correctly, a total amount of 83% need to be able to harm more damage and also, furthermore, after each turning of typical abilities, be back in the devil shape.

  • Krit raises the chance of a vital hit.
  • Expertise reinforces your class-specific abilities to X and Y, along with the damage of stiring up capacity.
  • Flinkness boosts your motion and strike speed and likewise lowers the cooldown on skills.

Mastering plays a function in the PVP

If you can not make use of the “bad statistics” in all? In PvE, the statistics do not play a role and also ought to be extra ignored by you. This looks something various in the PVP.

In some guides and also builds, it is additionally advised to skill some sturdiness when taking a trip in the PVP. Yet this is various from course to class as well as construct to build.

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Inlost Ark there are six attributes that you can have on your tools. We inform you which attributes you must not choose and also why that is. While the other attributes – Krit, expertise and flickness – raise the damage immensely, bring the 3 “poor stats” certain or protective incentives. ** If you can not utilize the “negative statistics” at all? Specifically the feature control plays a more essential function, as your opponents generally constantly desire to immobilize with CC.

The devices does not matter in the field PVP, yet you just pick your dream attributes prior to the battle. You do not need a devices with the best attributes.

What do you claim concerning this statement concerning the attributes? And will you just use the three good statistics in the future or do you do not like it?

Specifically the feature control plays a more vital role, as your opponents generally constantly desire to disable with CC. If you bring upon extra damage at the very same time, there it is sensible. For instance, Paladin, Battle Professional Dancer or Soul Fist use the mastery.