The Quarry, the spiritual successor of Until Dawn, shows first gameplay. Fans are routes and are already celebrating the game for his similarities to the model. What awaits you and what horror fans have to say about the playable movie is here.

The Quarry: 30 minutes Gameplay

With Until Dawn supermassive Games had met a nerve almost seven years ago: It was the first playable horror movie of his kind. On the success followed with the years many smaller games of the so-called “The Dark Pictures Anthology”.

However, these were crowned by less success than the first work. For many, neither Man of Medan, nor Little Hope or House of Ashes could convey the same grusel.

could the quarry be different? Creepy? IGN now releases 30 minutes gameplay. And what to see in it is hoping for an atmospheric and scary game:

The new game of the Until Dawn makers is not part of Dark Pictures Anthology. This means that the game is to be a lot extensive as the last super massive shocker.

On the other hand, that also means that it is thematic again – as in Until Dawn – about a group of teenagers who find themselves in a classic slasher scenario. No time travel, no boat trips or other stories of this kind. (Source: IGN)

The game should appear on June 10, 2022 for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox SX. Pre-order You can already get the quarry here:

What do horror connoisseurs and fans say?

In the comments under the YouTube video, players and players look forward to that. Accordingly, the actors speak their roles in grandiose, the graphic shows a lot better and the plot interested many.

FIVE spectators even noticed that there is something to see in the background. When you pay close attention, subtle things sneak into the picture that sticks to the horror, which will come.

Assessment of Nathan Navrotzki

The Quarry Reveal Trailer 4K - (Until Dawn Spiritual Successor)

As a big fan of Until Dawn, the games of the “Dark Anthology” series have unfortunately left me cold. What the Quarry shows here but of themselves, lets me hope me again.

The game seems to have more time to build an unpleasant atmosphere and develop the personalities of the characters. Of course, this can not be transferred to the entire game after 30 minutes. Nevertheless, I’m curious about what’s going on on us.

_WAS The Quarry is still so special: You can play with friends again. 10 horror games in which you can do that, you get in the following video: _