On April 11, Chorus Worldwide Games and Wakuwaku Games started early access to “Ketchup AND Mayonnaise” at STeam.

This work is RPG that Mr. Tatarabani produces. “Ketchup” and “Mayonnaise” two combinations of “Ketchup” and a large number of cute visual characters appear in Henteko, and the battle progressing at the tempo of fury is a big feature.

Promo | Ghost Gadbad & Darna Mana Hai | 9th & 10th Apr | 12:30 PM only on Discovery Kids India
Battle with the enemy is a mini game format. A variety of battle will be unfolded, such as “shooting” the enemy’s bullet that comes to attack, “shooting” objects on the screen, and “guard” that prevents attacks at correct timing.

The six weapons available in the middle of the adventure include the bombardment of the button continuous hit flame, and the attribute and the usage method, such as the fist and the rhythm of the rhythm as a sound game, and the jet hammer who triggers it. Varies.

In the early access version, we implement two stages of “plain area” and “sweets area”. Map elements such as battle, events, items and search are completed. Demo version is also delivered, so if you are interested in checking?

“Ketchup and Mayonnaise” is being delivered for 800 yen for PC (STeam).