Minecraft has many key objects that can be made in different ways. Craft benches can be made from any kind of wooden board, so it would be easy to assume that paper is just like. The recipe for paper has always been known as three sugar tube in Minecraft. However, the game has undergone as many updates and add so many new items that it looks like a new combination of objects could be used to make paper. It should be easy to find a new paper recipe by using the craft instructions. Let’s see if there is a new recipe for paper in Minecraft.

Is there a new recipe for paper in Minecraft?

How You Can Make a Basic Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm - Needed for Making Paper - Minecraft Java

The recipe for paper is the same since it was added to Minecraft. Three pieces of sugar cane in a horizontal line give three pieces of paper. This is comfortable enough paper to make a single book. With all the new objects that Minecraft have been added over the years, it would make sense to add a new type of papermaking to the game. Surprisingly, that does not exist; Paper has only one recipe.

This is so shocking when considering how centrally paper is for a normal playing of minecraft. You will always need paper to make a book, so you need it for everything you need a book for paper. This means that no paper prevents you to enchant your tools and armor. You also need paper if you want to create cards. They are really useful if they have problems to remember where their base is.

Another central element based on paper to be made are firecrackers. You may wonder why firecrackers are considered a central item for a minecraft game, but they have many uses. You can load firecrackers in crossbows to fire them for much more damage than a normal arrow, which would be very useful during Fias questrule in Elden Ring. You can also use a fireworks when you fly with an Elytra to boost your speed and fly through the air. You can also use fireworks as a nice little celebratory tool, but that is not necessary to survive in Minecraft.

Tragically, if you want to have access to these objects, you must build a kind of sugarcane farm because you can only produce paper. You may find here and there a few weird notes, but if you want enough to complete your game, you need a sugar cane farm. If you need more help with minecraft, you can read our other instructions.

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