Minecraft has been there for over a decade and is an integral part of young and old players, is constantly popular with streamers and attracts new players over the years. Although the game has returned a long way since the days of the beta version, some players may still know how they can produce the essentials as the ingredients can sometimes be surprising. Such a article is paper , which is already an interesting learning opportunity. Continue reading for our guide How to make paper in Minecraft!

Minecraft book recipe: How to make paper in Minecraft

Paper is made by putting 3 pieces sugar cane harvested from the high stems that you will see at most starting points next to the water in the middle 3 squares of the 3 × 3 crafting grids. Sugarcane is incredibly abundantly available in the game and can be farmed quickly so that you can quickly produce large quantities of paper. You can use this in the middle, middle left and bottom left of the craft grid along with leather on the middle bottom square to make books. This also helps create additional empty cards (especially helpful when losing the card with which they started) as well as banners, cartographic tables and even fireworks.

The reasoning that paper from sugarcane rather than from the modern source, the wood fiber of trees, is probably inspired by the historical use of papyrus, the sugar cane. There is also a newer trend in which company use Bagasse, the fibrous pulp, which remains after the sugar was extracted from sugar cane. Minecraft is a versatile, entertaining and educational tool for all ages, and whether you want to build huge monuments or survive the night, it is always important to know how things thrive.

Minecraft: How to Make Paper and Books

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