At the end of April, the delicious Playstation game Bugsnax will find its way to other consoles and Steam. Owners of the Xbox Game Pass may be very happy because the indie adventure will be available directly to the release and without further costs in the subscription service.

PlayStation game Bugsnax comes in the Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation 'Game Pass' uitgelegd - De nieuwe PS Plus Premium
Bugsnax by Young Horses appeared to the launch of the PlayStation 5 and should have stuck his sloping game concept some gamers in his head. Finally, in the indie adventure, you try to capture animal snack like small hamburger or flick vegetables.

Since November 2020, Bugsnax is only available for Sony’s consoles PS4 and PS5 as well as in the Epic Games Store. On April 28 , the snack hunt comes on the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Switch and Steam .

But it gets even better: Bugsnax will also be part of the Xbox Game Pass and thus be playable from day one for all members. This allows those who have previously missed the indie game due to temporal exclusivity, the fun without further costs.

Bugsnax: New Update to Start

In Bugsnax you are on the island of Schleckum on the way to hunt and study the half-assets from insects and snacks, so bugsnax, and study. There are over 100 different types of bugsnax and a variety of traps and baits to catch them successfully.

To start on the other consoles and Steam is also a new update ready: The Isle of Bigsnax. In it you will drive a new island with jungle and, among others huge bugsnax . To catch them, you will need to use a few new tricks.

In addition, you will be charged your own cabin with numerous furniture and can even unlock mini hats for your bugsnax.

The Update Bugsnax: The Isle of BigSnax appears on April 28 for console and PC.