During these last years the par excellence of streams, _ Twitch _ , has suffered from enough negative comments, everything is because they implement somewhat questionable rules by their users. One of the most sounded was to reduce subscription prices, which affects thousands of content creators in the world.

According to what he has communicated _ Bloomberg _ , the platform would put incentives to users to place more commercial during transmissions, being a division of money covers of 30/70%. This could affect in a certain way, since the company is taking half the income generated and with this it would take even more of these.

In addition, the staff is considering reducing the cut of channel subscriptions granted to the upper transmitter step in their 50%partners program, from 70%. For its part, the low cost would remove the exclusivity of transmissions to the partners, allowing them to also make direct from platforms such as _ YouTube _ or _ Facebook _ .

After this announcement, the community of _ Twitch _ has spoken with the brand, since its implementations last year caused some to move to other places. Although, Latam was given the benefit of reducing the subscription rate in half, the same does not happen with the use of _ Twitch Prime _ , where the same is paid before and remove the player more.

Initially, this space was considered friendly by its users, sharing fair income for both streamer and the platform itself. However, popularity grew over time and therefore, the company demands more monetization. To that is added that they are now owned by the billionaire _ Amazon _ .

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For now, it seems that the company’s plans are still firm in terms of dealing with their content creators.

Editor : With every year that passes they are becoming more ambitious, after all they have large stars hired, that means more views and subscriptions that have exceeded sums of millions of dollars. But if one day users get fed up with everything, they are likely to collapse eventually due to the lack of active content on the platform.

Way: Bloomberg