MMORPG Lineage W of NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin, NC) will hold ‘Director’s Talk 2’ at 7:00 pm on the 29th.

Director Talk 2 is a broadcast where Lineage W core developers communicate with users in real time. Lee Sung -gu, Director of Lineage IP Division, Kang Jung -soo, and Choi Hong -young, head of the development department, will explain the intention of developing Lineage W new contents and solve the questions with Q & A. All users can watch the broadcast on Lineage W official website.

NC (NC) introduces the siege improvement that reflects user feedback on the broadcast. Lineage W’s second large update, which is scheduled to be updated on May 4, will also be disclosed, and the details of the Dark Elf will be released and information about the events that are held together.

Users can see the first update plan that will be released for the first time through broadcasting. You can also enjoy two special videos, including the new class (class, job) ‘Dark Elf’ cinematic.

Lineage W offers ‘Director’s Talk 2’ and offers a variety of gifts. Users can register various game items by registering coupons that are released in real time during the broadcast.

For more information, please visit the Lineage W official website.