Following last year, fans will be thrilled this year. On the 28th, Nintendo K.K. This is because it announced that it will release the second album of the forest OST of the animal forest with live songs on June 22.

Modong Forest was released in March 2020 at the Nintendo Switch, and it was popular with its vast content and high freedom. In particular, the music in the game also gathered the topic, and the songs sung by K.K., the representative singer -songwriter in the game, attracted attention to the cover video on YouTube.

Based on this popularity, the first album of Modong Forest OST was released in Japan last June. K.K. If the INST version contains only the background music of the song, this second album is K.K. The song of the song was included. K.K. You can listen to the “Navi Bovet Taou” in the house.

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If you look closely at the product, K.K. Free updated background music, K.K. It consists of 5 CDs, including Song INST version. It also includes K.K.’s PV, which is based on in -game videos, and a DVD with choreography of radio gymnastics. In addition, K.K. The new song Jacket Post Card and the CD Original Radio Gymnastics Card will be given a privilege, and the price is 7,480 yen (about 72,000 won).

Meanwhile, following the album, K.K. The analog LP version, which only includes the song’s INST version, will be released on November 23 at 4,620 yen (about 44,000 won). The song is K.K. There are 19 songs selected from the songs, with a total of 19 songs of the fake song. However, since the LP version is produced only in a limited edition, you can only purchase it by the end of June.

The second album and LP version of Mo -dong Forest OST will be sold at the official Colombian site or Japan’s My Nintendo Store.