The Daily Focus playlist was the main feature of the 2021 Guardian Games and returns in the 2022 season.

Playing Daily Focus, the guards can earn more laurels during the competition of the guards. Daily Focus, as the name implies, daily alternates actions. So one fine day players will see how players will decide Strikes, the next Gambit, and then Crucible the next day. This is a way to focus the community on a specific task for the time of the competition.

Guardians can check their case with medals for a daily trick. It is displayed by orange text next to the clock. In addition, this can be checked by opening the director and going to destination. Pressing e (PC), l2 (PlayStation) or lt (Xbox) will open a side tab in which a daily focus and percentage of execution will be indicated.

How To Find The Daily Focus Destiny 2 - Earn Laurels Faster Guardian Games 2022

The meaning of a daily trick is to earn more laurels than usual. These laurels are then used to purchase cards of applicants, which are awarded with a higher rank medals that need to be taken. Lavra can also be used to buy awards from Eve Levante and can be awarded with low -ranking medals and experience.

daily rotation of focus playlists

May 3 *: strikes
4 May *: Gambit

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