If you are a little intimidated by the idea that you must succeed in a perfect race through each level of Spelunky 2 to finish the game, then do not be afraid. You can open shortcuts in certain places that will allow you to bypass the levels, giving you one step ahead of the different threats hiding in tunnels and caves.

This does not mean that the opening of shortcuts is easy, but it certainly helps to reduce the potential fatigue of traveling several levels over and over, just to try to progress a little further.

You can open shortcuts by reaching the last level of certain floors, then by meeting certain requirements by giving gold or objects to an NPC called Terra. Give her the right articles and she will open a shortcut for you, which will save you time and efforts on future races. It will take a few races to get everything it needs, but it will be easier if you know what you need to unlock each shortcut.

There are three shortcuts to open, at the end of the first, third and fifth levels. The requirements will gradually become stricter, these fifth level shortcut requirements being downright cruel in certain places.

Level 1 to 4 shortcut

To open the level 1 to 4 shortcut, you will have to make a donation:

shortcut level 3-1

Spelunky 2 - All Shortcuts COMPLETE Guide

To open the shortcut of level 3-1, you will have to make a donation:

  • 1 rope
  • Any weapon
  • All assembly

Level 5-1 shortcut

To open the shortcut of level 5-1, you will have to make a donation:

  • $,50000
  • Mercenary
  • World 1 Golden Key