APEX Legends began with one Battle Royale card in every season. The rotation with two cards shocked the situation when she made her debut, but not as much as a rotation with three cards, when it was presented in the 10th season. Since then, this format has been used for each season, with the exception of the 11th season, which has returned to the format of two cards. In the 13th season, there will also be a rotation of three cards, but the rotation style will change.

The rotation of the card in the APEX Legends previously consisted of three different temporary blocks: 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours. In the season 13: Savior two -hour temporary blocks were removed from rotation. This is done so that the card that the player does not like is not in the game throughout the session.

In the future, the longest card that will play in Duos and Trios rotation is 1 hour 30 minutes, which is still long, but not so cruel. If a card that you do not need pops up? Perhaps it’s time to take a short break.

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Full
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