To get Anniversary Cape at Minecraft Dungeons, you must pass seasonal tests when the event begins. May 25, 2022 . When the event is launched, you will need to go through several seasonal tests. Perform a sufficient number of seasonal trials and you will receive an Anniversary cloak as a reward. Nevertheless, you will have between May 25 and June 15 K **** Earn Anniversary Cape as part of an event dedicated to the second anniversary of Minecraft Dungeon.

How to equip an anniversary cape in Minecraft Dungeons

As soon as you earn a cloak, you can put it on by going into your inventory in the game. Being inside your inventory, you can find and equip a cloak under cosmetics . After you equip Anniversary Cape, he will appear on your character in Minecraft Dungeons.

What is seasonal tests in Minecraft Dungeons?

Seasonal tests are special missions in Minecraft dungeons, which offer various awards. The awards that you can receive are varied from weapons to various cosmetic objects at events. If you want to go through seasonal trials, you need to visit the card in the game.

How To Unlock Seasonal Missions/Trials in Minecraft Dungeons on Switch (Anniversary Event)

Then you will need to select mainland measurement Location inside the card. While on the mainland, look for purple icons of seasonal missions and perform them as ordinary missions. For this you will receive seasonal trial versions, and depending on the required number ( usually seven ), you will need to fulfill this number of seasonal missions.

However, seasonal missions will have special modifiers related to the mission. These modifiers will include wearing a certain equipment or the presence of certain spells. You can also go through several seasonal trials by completing two seasonal missions at each level of complexity. In short, each of the following difficulties in Minecraft Dungeons will have two seasonal tests for each complexity mode.

Apocalypse * (hard)
Adventure (normal)
by default t (easy)

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