INSTALLING A SURVEY DEVICE in My Multi-tool - No Man's Sky Synthesis - E31

No Man’s Sky: How to change the multi -tool

In the past, the change was not possible: as soon as you had the opportunity to get a new multi -tool, you had to make a difficult decision because you could only have one tool at the same time.
In the meantime, numerous updates later, the situation looks different.

You can have several multi -tools and them if necessary:
1. Call the quick menu and select “Aids” on the left.
2. There you will find the “Exchange multi -tool” option.
3. Select the desired multi -tool.
The currently non-used multi-tools are not stored in the inventory and therefore do not take any space.
This means an even higher flexibility, since you can carry the desired tool with you at any time on your interstellar trips without having to think about the inventory.