Going back to the northern matchups in the VCT Valorant, where the teams had a week to work and fine-tune the details they saw last week through their matchups, today we see them with a different face be able to demonstrate all the improvements they worked on. This short break to achieve victory in these new days within the tournament.

A flip of the coin
The first series put the Team Cruelty team against Fusion, starting in an Icebox map that would show the power of the offensive team from the beginning, managing to let Baez play comfortably with a Chamber that would make his rivals suffer by placing an 8- 4 in the first half, in the change of sides, the defense proposed by the Cruelty team worked very well for them without letting the rival react to gradually reach the victory point that closed the map with 13-6.

Changing the winds to reach an Ascent where the Fusion team would react tremendously by placing the first half in their favor thanks to Kolby Torrify Bruzo, who would do an excellent job in attack with his Chamber giving the possibility of leaving a 10- 2, during the change of roles the cruelty team needed to make use of those flashes that it has shown during their confrontations, however, the Fusion team would seek to quickly close the map with aggressive plays and forced rounds that would give them a draw in the Serie.

In a decisive map that would be Haven, both teams began with aggressive games to seek the advantage of bringing them closer to victory. Still, it would be a 6-6 during the first half that would remain marked. In the change of sides, Carlo Dcop Delsol would make big tackles with Fade that allowed him to get his team to plant the spike, and they managed to take the series on the day.

Movie series
We saw a highly anticipated match E-Xolos Lazer against Infinity in an Icebox for the second series, where the Infinity team started in defense. Still, the style that the Xolos had was superior, letting Santiago Daveeys Galvis do his job with Chamber to get to enter the map very successfully, earning an 8-4. Things in the second half will change a lot because they would send the map several overtime thanks to Infinity turning on the accelerator with the power of Daniel Theory Albadan that he would make 34 casualties. Still, the Tijuana team would be the one that played the rounds better, with Jesus jFoen Taboadawho closing the first map with 21-19.

Arriving at the second map of Ascent, we saw how the things we saw in the previous one were repeated because the Xolos were looking to take advantage of the power of Oscar Peloncito Palacios, who would make good use of Sova’s arrows to leave things 8- 4, in the change of roles, things would see the light in favor of the Xolos who learned from their mistakes on the past map to slow down to Infinity, letting jFoen react with his Raze to generate aggressions that would give them the map point and series with a 13-5.

Great games are the ones that were experienced yesterday thanks to those changes in the mentality of the new teams that arrive in the northern league and also that the north seeks to break the record for the longest game in competitive Valorant, now it will be necessary see what the teams show us today with the next day of the tournament.