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■ ranking indicators Ranking-‘Destiny Guardians’, a new season update success
(Collect and select a variety of indicators such as PC room utilization, ranking indicatorstory user voting, community response)
The last week was relatively silent without a new large update and events. For two weeks, the Pass of Exagl, which has risen in tremendous momentum, has slowed down three steps, and the Warcraft 3 and the Black Desert are ranked 16th and 17th.

The Black Desert has been holding a ‘inspection audit’ festival event to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the domestic direct service since the 18th, and we will celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the service today (30th). Events that offer various prizes through the lottery are completed today, but in the game, the event will continue until June 8, including the cron seats and the brilliant boxes of shakatu that are sealed.

Meanwhile, ‘Destiny Guardians’, which launched the new season ’17 Season: Ghosts ‘Season’ on the 25th, started smoothly, rising four steps compared to last week. In the new season, Leviathan Raid, which has entered the content safe with the largest combat power expansion, has been released in the form of an open field, receiving positive evaluation from the players, and the addition of the solar 3.0 and various season contents.

Nexon’s longevity online game, the re-entry of the Wind Country, is also noticeable. Since the 26th of last week, it will be interpreted as a ‘level-up not’ event that supports myth-class equipment and rapid growth, and players can achieve various missions during the event and get a variety of rewards for growth. In addition, by creating a new character by June 8th and registering for the event, you can obtain various items such as ‘5th return egg’ and ’18K guidelines’.

■ Domestic PC room ranking-May 4 week PC room weekly report

The 4 weeks of PC rooms, which were compiled by the Logog of PC Room Game Statistics Service, was 15.11 million hours, down 1.7% compared to last week, 9.7% compared to the previous month, and 13.7% year-on-year. Weekly PC room utilization rate was 16.9%on weekends and 12.8%for weekend.

Despite the slightly decreased PC room utilization rate, the League of Legends, which is the number one place with a 45.6%share, received a lot of attention from the Mid Season Invitational (2022 MSI), which was held until yesterday, and Nexon’s sports Online Game FIFA Online 4 also opened the 2022 EK League Championship Season 1, and user increased. In fact, the number of users was noticeable from the 27th when the league opened, and on Saturday, the next day, it recorded a daily PC room for nearly 300,000 hours.

FIFA Online 4 showed a 6.5% increase in PC rooms compared to last week, and succeeded in positioning just below the League of Legends. In addition, the recent new season 6: Nim Neuron’s Eternal Return, which unveiled Summer, showed an increase of 9.1% of usage time, and ‘Black Desert’, which continues the ‘inspection audit’ event following last week, also showed an increase of 6.5%. I entered above.

■ Steam game trend of this week

According to user statistics that can be found on the statistics site of the PC game platform Steam Steam Steam Steam, Lost Arc has recently exceeded 700,000 people daily, showing its high global popularity. Immediately after the update of Baltan Raid and Destroy Class on the 27th, 730,000 people were recorded, and on average, the average high level of concurrent users were maintained.

The smooth start of the 17th season of Destiny Guardians was easy to check in Steam Statistics. As of today, Destiny 2 (Domestic Service Name ‘Destiny Guardians’) has currently recorded up to 130,000 people a day, and it is possible to confirm that more than 60,000 players have increased compared to last week’s 72,000. do.

‘V Rising’, one of the hottest games last week, is still highly popular with 140,000 people, but Destiny 2 was in fifth.

Other games in the rankings are not much different from last week, but EA Sports football game FIFA 22 is the highest number of people in the past, up 10,000 compared to last week. Due to the recent 84% discount, the number of users has increased as the game can be purchased at a price of a little more than 10,000 won.

In the trend indicators, new works are noticeable, such as My Time at Sandrock and the recently released Sniper Elite series ‘Sniper Elite 5’.

My Time at Sand Rock is a new work developed by China’s indie game developer Pathea Games, which launched ‘My Time at Posha’. It was released on May 26 on Early access and was now maintained with about 2,440 evaluations and ‘generally positive’. As the name is similar, it appears to be a simulation RPG that runs a farm in the desert city ‘Sand Rock’, and unfortunately Korean does not seem to be supported yet.

‘Sniper Elite 5’ is a new formal numbering that was launched on May 26 by the developer Rebelion. Compared to its predecessor, it features more specific production and advanced graphics, and it is possible to sniper with its own equipment through more detailed gun customization.

Meanwhile, some racing games that have seen virtue through the ‘Steam Racing Game Festival’, which were held from May 23 to today from May 23rd, can also be seen on the trend indicators. XBOX’s representative open world racing game, Forza Horizon 4, was sold at 19,770 won, which is a 67% discount, and EA’s racing franchise ‘Need For Speed: Hit’ was sold for 15,400 won with 80% discount.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

Looking at the mobile game rankings last week, in the Google Play Store, the mobile action RPG ‘Collapse 3RD’ provided by Hoyo Bus was reestablished in the top 10, and the Apple App Store was ranked 10th in Dev Sisters’ Cookie Run series.

First, the collapse 3rd has recently updated the 5.7 version of the big update ‘Song of Sin’. Aponia’s Abyss of Criminal Sin and SP Valkyrie Eden ‘Golden Song’ have been added as new characters, and new systems such as 29 new main stories and ‘armed cards’ have been newly updated. The game will provide various items through the login event until June 13th.

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‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’, which ranked 5th in the App Store, introduced a new growth support system and a new cookie through an update on the 27th. The newly added “ The Temple of Brilliant Heroes ” is a system that allows the power of the strongest cookies in the kingdom to other cookies to increase the level of low level cookies, and new cookies are assaulted cookies, cranichoko. Chip cookies have been updated.

‘Cookie Run: Oven Brake’ is on the 27th ‘Turn! In search of the legendary treasure, he ranked seventh in the App Store after the update. Along with the new story, a new peperonsino flavor cookie and a pet pet ‘lava scorpion’ have been newly added, and the new event mode, ‘Team Fight Mode’, is expected to provide various items.

■ ranking indicators Ben Popular Game Voting