Street Smarts is an important skill in Street Hustler in Bitlife. That is how they climb the service ladder and ultimately become the best street hooligans. But how to raise this skill?

What is Streets Smarts in Bitlife?

Street Smarts is a measurement of performance and experience as part of the Street Hustler career in Bitlife. The Street Hustler career is part of the Special Careers system in the game and is a set of four different professions: street musician, fraudster, beggar and street artist . The work is focused on work on the streets in situations requiring quick thinking, adaptability and even random crimes. Each separate work requires additional skills, for example, musical skills to become a street musician.

Ways to increase Street Smarts in Bitlife

You can improve your Street Smarts by performing actions in the Street Hustler career. For example, when you start as a fraudster, you will compete for completing tasks with low rates for your work. You need to make these fraud and robberies of a lower level in order to advance to more significant missions. Each small scam that you successfully perform will increase your Street Smarts indicators and increase your chances of promoting service in this particular career.

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