Satisfy your internal finisher based on the classic arcade game Breakout, destroying bricks with clicks (or fingers, if you use a mobile phone) and accumulating wealth to buy balls that make your work for you. Or, when you get tired of the game, you can use cheat codes that automatically provide you with maximum money, improvements or balls.

As the name implies, this is an idle game. This means that most of your progress is at a time when you really do not interact with the game. But you need to start somewhere, and in this game you must go through the first couple of levels to get enough money, unless you use cheat codes below!

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IDLE BREAKOUT HACK: The maximum number of balls

There are six goals in the game, and their update can do expensive. Use this hack to already update them so that you can really see which of them work best!


hack Idle Breakout: endless money

Why spend time making money when you can instantly get an endless supply? This is an ideal code to test new methods and strategies for updates and buying balls to see which of them the levels are faster.


IDLE BREAKOUT HACK: Pass 6,000 levels.

Instantly complete 6,000 levels to get all the money necessary for buying balls and all their improvements!


IDLE BREAKOUT HACK: instantly break 1 million bricks

Turn off the sound for this. You could notice that every time you go through the level, you hear many sounds at the same time from all the bricks that you break. This hack is no different!

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How to import cheat codes Idle Breakout

When you join the game, press the mechanism button in the upper right corner of the screen to open the settings menu. Then copy the code that we listed above, exactly the way it appears (do not enter it manually!), And press the Import button. In the field with the inscription Insert here, insert the code that you copied from our page. Finally, click good apply a cheat code!


How do khaki work in Idle Breakout?

As you can see, cheat codes for Idle Breakout do not work like many other game cheats, especially for mobile games. Idle Breakout cheats may seem too powerful, but this is because technically they are not hacks or cheats: these are saving files! Many old games (and even some new ones) retained their files in the lines of symbols that were interpreted by the game in order to determine exactly what the character had in his inventory and where he was in the game.

All the lines of the characters that you see are the conservation files from the games that other players have already played. They saved them for us so that we could instantly move on to the exciting parts of the game and skip the entire tedious early grind.

What is Idle Breakout?

Idle Breakout is a game that you can play on mobile devices, PC and web pages, the game is similar to the classic arcade game Breakout. You start by breaking bricks yourself, pressing them to earn enough money to buy your first ball. From there you can either click more, or allow the balls you bought to do most of the work. When they break bricks, you earn more money that can then be used to buy more balls or improvements for your existing balls!

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