[cookie SNS Moon Young-soo] The main character of ‘Cookie Run’, the signboard intellectual property (IP) of Dev Sisters (co-representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-hun), is celebrating its 13th anniversary on the 12th.

Following last year, the company has prepared a variety of contents that can celebrate and enjoy brave cookies’ birthdays with users around the world, such as games, SNS, music, video, and goods.

First, the story of a party planner ‘Birthday Cake Taste Cookie’, which received a brave cookie’s SNS to prepare for a surprise birthday party, was unfolded through the official Twitter and Instagram. Cookies have held a ‘fan creation event’ for brave cookies from May 20 to June 1 on the SNS and have prepared a birthday gift with global users.


For this event, more than 3,000 users around the world have sent a variety of affectionate creations such as music, video, glass crafts, baking, paper cutting, sugar craft, and sewing dolls. The final 15 of these works will be displayed on the game loading screen of ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ for 10 days from the 10th of this month.

On the 12th, the day of the birthday, the brave cookie SNS will be uploaded to the Cookie’s Birthday Party Vog Video, and on the 17th, a fan creation event will be uploaded to the Cookie Run: Kingdom and Cookie Run: Oven Brake YouTube.

In the Global Cookie Run Store, we introduced the 2022 Brave Cookie Birthday Package, which allows you to celebrate the birthday of a brave cookie anytime, anywhere. The birthday package consists of ▲ Garland, eyeglass card, sticker pack, and can badge. In addition, the new funding ‘Party Planner Birthday Cake Cookie Day’ will be opened, and DIY Ko will also be given to all customers who purchase store products.

In-game events are also held. Cookie Run: Achieve a play mission in Kingdom, collect a happy birthday ribbon and send a gift to a friend. For about two weeks from June 1 to 13, you will also be offered benefits such as crystals and game items every day.

In addition, new music and videos will be released on the 12th to commemorate the brave cookie’s birthday. The title of this song is ‘Cookie and Tree’ and will provide healing with warm melody and lyrical lyrics. The video can be found on the cookie box YouTube, cookie run: kingdom and cookie run: oven brake YouTube.

Dev Sisters said, The brave cookie is a symbolic character that has represented Cookie Run IP for the past 13 years, and has been loved by users around the world as a special being that celebrates and celebrates their birthday every year. I hope you will be with you in the journey and new challenges.