On June 16, the Mutsu Mutsu Project, a domestic solo-in-horror game production PROJECT, released the Steam store page of Midnight Report . The release time is around the summer of 2022. According to the press release, the content at the time of release is equivalent to the beta version, and the price is around 620 yen including tax.

All night report is a 3D survival horror game that gets lost in a strange world during work all night. The protagonist of this work is a student who has just moved to a rural rent. In the house where the hero lives, luggage has not yet been organized, and unopened cardboard boxes are lined up. On the other hand, the protagonist had an imminent deadline for submission of the report. The protagonist decides to complete the report by tomorrow’s deadline, and starts working in an unfamiliar house. However, while writing a report all night, the breaker fell into a strange hallucinations world. He wanders the world of hallucinations to complete the report, despite the deadline and mystery.

At first glance, the world of hallucinations that the protagonist gets lost seems to be in a family. However, there is a large doll-style mystery, attacking the protagonist. Therefore, the protagonist explores the surroundings so that the mystery cannot be found. If it is found, hide in the closet and wait for the mystery to leave to achieve the purpose. A fear experience that confronts a monster is developed by stealing the mysterious eyes.

As an element, every time you play the game, some map structures and the location of the items that appear change randomly. On the screen, effects including VHS-style noise are prepared, creating a creepy world. In this work, it seems that the capture of reports by players is directly linked to the story.

The Mutsu Mutsu Project, which is working on this work, is a solo-in-horror game production PROJECT by Mutsu in Japan. In this work, in August 2021, a trial version containing the first chapter in the main story is Midnight Report! Released in. Set in a rented house where the hero lives, gameplay was developed in a small space that confronted the mystery.

In the paid Steam version, new maps, additional chapters, new enemies, etc. appear. The stage will also move from a rented house to another space, and will capture reports while escaping from wandering monsters. In the Steam version, the beta version is first distributed. In the beta version, three chapters, which are part of the main part, are included. The remaining chapter is added by the update. According to the press release, in this work, Mutsu is producing while cherishing the fear of fear to have the player experience real fear.


The All-night Report will be distributed around the summer of 2022 at Steam. The price is 620 yen including tax. At the time of release, it is a beta version, and the chapter is scheduled to be added in the update. It seems that the price may be changed within 1000 yen.