Mobile nuclear and slash using Diablo earned $ 24.3 million in the world within two weeks of its launch, a mobile market research firm App Magic.

According to App Magic announcement, Diablo Immortal recorded 8.5 million downloads for two weeks and recorded $ 24.3 million in sales. By platform, the Apple App Store generated $ 13 million in the Apple App Store and $ 11 million in the Google Play Store.

43%of sales occurred in the United States, followed by 23%. Since then, it is confirmed by other (17%), Japan (8%), Germany (6%) and Canada (3%). The launch of China’s Chinese region is scheduled for June 23, so Blizzard is expected to earn additional income. For reference, the game was not available in Belgium and the Netherlands, which manages probability-type items such as root boxes in the gambling method.

The amount of consumption per user (ARPU) was $ 3.122, and the iPad user’s ARPU recorded $ 6.67 (about 8,600 won), above the average doubled amount.

Diablo Immortal has introduced ‘Mobile Probability Preparation’, which has not been found in Blizzard games. As a result, it is criticized by gamers in North America and Europe who are not familiar with in-game billing elements such as legend jewelry and equipment smelt.

Meanwhile, this app magic data is based on the profits that are only made in the mobile game market. In other words, the amount paid by the players through was not counted.