The game of nostalgia is a dishonest trick. An attempt to return the warm memories from childhood immediately gives a few points, because before the grass was greener, and cartoons are more interesting (still, they didn’t shove the storyteller into all the cracks), and the ninja turtles were cooler.

The first adaptation of comics Kevin Eastman and Peter Lard was released in 1987. And from that moment on, the whole world fell ill with a turtle, despite the fact that the initial idea of the comixists was in an ordinary stab over the superheroes. The authors of the animated series decided to tell their story, greatly mitigating what was happening and removing blood. In original comics, the turtles cursed with obscene words and broke the bones to the opponents, but this did not fit for the children’s audience. But there was a love for pizza, multi-colored dressings and immortal Kawabang!.

The first video game in the franchise was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (aka Fierce Turtle Ninja Legend) from Konami. She went out in 1989 at Nintendo Entertainment System (Dandy in our opinion) and was based on the plot of the animated series. Actually, the original comics about the ninja turtles by that time were already interested in few-animated images completely overshadowed their ancestors.

Currently, 46 independent video games about green-skinned brothers have been published without taking into account spin-offs and collaborations. We will talk about the last of them today.

We are not miserable bugs

At the first glance at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, TMNT: The Arcade Game and Turtles in Time-Classic Beat-Um-Up, where you alone or in a team of comrades need to go through the level and defeating opponents and winning. Boss at the end. It was on these memories that the bets of the Tribute Games studio was made. Actually, they never hid this.

Shredder’s Revenge is full of references to arcade games, starting from 16-bit style, ending with the interface and the flashing inscription Click to join.

The plot is made in the spirit of the animated series-Bibop and Rockstedi on the orders of Schroeder arrange a raid on the sixth channel, where the famous reporter April O’Neill works, and abduct… No, not a girl (the Lady in trouble script is not in fashion today), but Some mysterious mechanism. And so that everything becomes clear at once, Bibop on the air tells insidious plans-to arrange chaos and seize a statue of freedom. Naturally, ninja turtles and their friends cannot leave their native New York without protection and rush in pursuit of villains.

Not only the four brothers go to beat their faces, but also their teacher Splinter, April and Casey Jones are the same rebel in a hockey mask, carrying the golf and bits with him as arguments. True, it will not work to play for Casey at the first passage-it opens after completing the plot.

Unlike old arcades, in Shredder’s Revenge, each character has its own personality not only in appearance, but also in characteristics. There are three of them in total-the distance of battle, speed and power. For example, the splinter is slow, has an average radius of attacks, but great power, and o’nil, on the contrary, is nimble, but weak. Although, in general, there is no particular difference for whom to play, choose a character by personal sympathies. I played for the rat.

gameplay and design

What can you tell about the gameplay process of the Beat-Em-Up genre? Its base has not changed for almost 40 years-the characters move in level from left to right (there are other directions) and beat the muzzles to everyone who appears on the screen. So, in Shredder’s Revenge nothing has changed, I assure you.

So that the player does not quickly get bored with diversity, the developers of such games try to captivate the gamer with interesting locations, various interactives and unexpected situations.

Each of 16 levels is unique both in style and in color scheme. Here you are walking along the streets of New York-a parked cars around, some warehouses and fire hydrants that can be broken, and the enemies will jump on a puddle of water that appeared. Here you look into the studio of the sixth channel-the cameras are everywhere, in the pantry they locked the unfortunate director, and in neighboring pavilions, the Foot fighters learn to prepare various dishes in the culinary show. The city is not limited to the city. You will also visit the sewage and even take a walk on the measurement of X, the homeland of Crang.

At the end of each level, a boss awaits you. At first you meet Bibop, then Rockstedi, followed by other opponents of the turtles from the animated series, from the rat king, ending with Bakster Stockman, who turned into a mutant fly. And the end will not do without Crang and Shreder.

Ordinary opponents are also pleasing. Still, the clan of the legs is not ordinary gopniks from the gateway, but a very serious organization. By the way, if you suddenly forgot, then the clan fighters are robots, not living people. Some of them fights with fists, perfectly planting your carcass in his uppercott, someone uses a sword, knowing how to block your frontal attacks, and someone even runs with onions, trying to stay at a distance. In general, fights are quite diverse and dynamic, it will not work out to kick all the memorized combination. With one exception, but about it a little later.

Your heroes can not only wave his fists, but also evade attacks of enemies, roll up and all like that. In the process of passing, you collect various objects that have lost the second-plan characters from the animated series, such as a friend of April Irma or Vernon, the second reporter of the sixth channel. For finding objects, the heroes receive a constant bonus to a strip of lives and glasses that give additional attempts in case of death.

Simultaneous Degty V Wide

But alas, there were no problems in the game. And in my opinion, they are serious enough not to share the universal delight of the game. Understand me correctly, I’m not a hypocrite. But pretend that I did not notice the jambs, do not have the right.

So, the first. The game is damn short. If you play alone, then you will complete the plot in two and a half hours. If you play in the company (and the game supports the cooperative as much as six people!), Then you will pass the game even faster, and significantly! Usually, in the arcade Beat-EM-UP opponents, it becomes proportionally larger if the game goes through several people. In the case of the revenge of the Schroeder this does not happen. And now imagine what is happening on the screen when six people are mutusing one unfortunate boss. Everyone will press the ulta once, and the poor fellow will simply blow out. Yes, the games of this genre have never been distinguished by duration, but this was compensated by their complexity and the need to pass from the first level in case of loss.

The same Ula is the second problem of the game. I am completely incomprehensible to the reason why the developers made it possible to replenish the superference scale at any time. Even at a complex level of passage. This is a legal cheat that makes the whole battle absolutely meaningless. You simply do not need to create magic on the gamepad, dodge, jump and roll. Everything is solved by one button. Yes, on the boss may not have the opportunity to stand alone for three seconds and restore ulta, but this is relevant only in case of single passage. What was then the meaning of the individuality of the heroes, the difference between their characteristics and other things?

And add an enlarged strip of lives to addition, and we get at the exit a very, very simple arcade even at the maximum level of complexity. Moreover, the number of revival is replenished with each level so that God forbid you do not see the terrible inscription Game Over before your eyes. Dityki will cry…

for the results

Yes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is trying to play nostalgia. And the game does it well. However, as a connoisseur and connoisseur of the Beat-EM-UP genre, which began his acquaintance with arcade machines in the late 80s, I cannot attribute this game to the best representatives. Even in key mechanics, it is very inferior to the same Streets of Rage 4, which came out a year ago. And if you compare in the forehead with recognized masterpieces of the genre, then it becomes completely sad.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge receives only 7 pizza out of 10.

Liked :

  • Visual and animation.
  • Gorgeous soundtracks.
  • Muzzle.
  • Location design.

Did not like :

  • The ease of the game.
  • Endless Ula, which spoils everything.
  • The game is too short.
  • Excessive casuality.