In the fresh appeal to The Lord of the Rings Online players, the new Standing Stone Games producer Oleg Brodsky, who writes under the nickname Raninia, said that he was waiting for the game in the next quarter.

After the salvation of Frodo from Brain Brod, the scouts of Rivendell set off in search of news about the enemy and his servants. Vladyka Imladris Elrond entrusts his sons Elladan and Elrochir to a new secret task. The path of twins leads to the distant lands of Lotlorian.

The Treasure Bugan event will be repeated. The developers changed it a little, updating the awards and improving some elements so that the event is interesting not only to beginners, but also to those who have previously participated in it.


In August, a farmer will be held, which has undergone the same changes as Treasure Bugan. In addition, in the middle of the month the third season of chains of awards for legendary objects starts.

At the end of the summer, the closing of the first legendary world Anor will take place. The characters will be transferred to a more populated server absolutely free.

An important addition will happen in patch 33.2, which is planned for September. A list of available classes for more races will be expanded. Dvorfs and a clan of strong axes will now become captains and guards, elves and higher elves-robbers; Hobbit-Keepers of Knowledge and Champions (Warriors), and people are guardians of runes.

More details about future changes will appear later.