The Challengers League begins with all the action of the clashes between the north and the south, in search of the pass to the international where the best teams in the world will face in the second competitive stop, two teams from the top and two of the bottom From the American continent they are measured to take that ticket that takes them travel, with all emotions and with a face-to-face scenario.

cutting the dragon’s head

The first meeting would be Fusion against Leviathan starting at a map of Breeze selected by marine dragons but the surprise was that FS would take the reins in the encounter with a Xander who managed to raise his power with Jett To demolish the rivals leaving things 7-5, in the change of sides the domain of the fusion team maintained power and dominated the Levianeta despite the attempts they proposed to achieve the first point with a 13-7.

Arriving to the second map we went to Bind with an adverse **, when changing the papers we see the sea dragon attacking aggressively to move towards the sites getting the rounds in their favor, again the power of toxic towards a great impact to be able to take 13-5.

To close the confrontation we traveled to Ascent where the Fusion team managed The reaction of the Levianeta with the power of King to manage to give them several rounds to put the most even situation, the duel was paired but the power of the merger ended the encounter with a 13-11 to take the pass by bracket higher.


Pink Power

During the second series we see Lazer e-Xolos against Kru Esports on a bind The things in a 9-3, during the change of situations the power of defense that proposed Kru was very strong to make things clear, preventing rivals could not enter the sites, a duel that was managed for the power of the club left things at 13-5.

For the second map we went to an icebox known to those of Tijuana to put some pressure with a daveeys that put the bullets in the places to achieve important casualties with which I would put a draw on the scoreboard, changing from Rolles The strategies of the club would make great impact on the game with a Keznit that would take a surprise K/I with which they managed to put things in their favor by closing the duel with a 13-10 to continue in the upper part of the tournament.

The action of the first day of the tournament concludes ends with the champions of each region as the victorious, dominating their respective clashes now they will now seek to fight to reach the great end of the event, on the other hand the Levianeta fights against the Xolos to stay alive and seek to sneak in the grand final for the quota to the international.