Kadokawa Games announced on July 1 that it will transfer the domestic publishing business of Metal Max Zeno Revorn to Cloudid Lephin Entertainment. Kadokawa Games has changed the system significantly, and it seems to be a part of such a flow.

Metal Max Zeno Revorn is a tank, dog and human RPG developed by Kadokawa Games and 24 Frame and released in 2020 by Kadokawa Games. Based on Metal Max Zeno released in 2018, almost everything, including game engines/graphics/stories/battles/training. A new battle in the Metal Max series, set in the Death Destkio of Death, was being developed. The domestic publishing of this work was transferred to Cloudid Lephin Entertainment on July 1. PQUBE is still in charge of publishing for overseas.

The Metal Max series is a series that develops the Metal Max for family computers developed by Cleatech and released by day-timely. In recent years, a series work has been released from Kadokawa Games. A group of works including Metal Max 3 for Nintendo DS and Metal Max April Hikari Diva for Nintendo 3DS has been released.

On the other hand, the development of Metal Max Wild West was announced on June 9, and on June 29, Metal Max for the Nintendo 3DS virtual console, as a Nintendo 3DS game, Metal Max April Hikari Diva. Sales stopped. On June 30, Metal Max Zeno was sold. On July 1st, the Metal Dogs console version of the Metal Dogs console, developed by 24 Frame, was transferred to 24 Frame.

In addition, Kadokawa Games, which has been in charge of publishing the Metal Max series, has changed significantly. First of all, Yoshimi Yasuda, President and CEO of Kadokawa Games, and Satoshi Fuyuno, a director, have been independent and established a new company Dragami Games. Some businesses of Kadokawa Games have been succeeded to Dragami Games. Specifically, Dragami Games is in charge of selling 15 titles out of the titles released by Kadokawa Games since July 1. In addition, Kadokawa Games has reduced its official website at the end of June, and about 30 staff members have transferred to Dragami Games. Combined with the series-related movements and the movement of Kadokawa Games, which have been working on publicity, the future of the series is unclear.

Regarding the transfer of the publishing work of Metal Max Zeno Reborn, along with the transfer of the publishing work of Metal Dogs, it can be taken along with the shrinking Kadokawa Games. In any case, in the Metal Max series, we want to wait for future announcements, along with the follow-up report of Code Zero (tentative name).