At almost its halfway point, the LCK continues to surprise us with slow but very entertaining games. What is considered by many to be the best League of Legends league in the world today, is currently at one of its peaks, arriving at some very special days and with a good pan of surprises. This time we will talk about a botlane a bit peculiar that rarely happens but that has worked perfectly.

Of course, this bot lane duo will have a pretty strong champion thanks to one of the most efficient strategies in the current meta: Senna and her fasting method, where Support farmea while she keeps the souls. Normally a fighter or tank character is chosen, but this time a much more special one has come out (although with a good part of a fighter): Lee Sin.

Lee Sin and Senna, an unexpected but effective botlane


It has been Keria, current support of T1, who has chosen this champion who has actually played before in the same position: A little over a year ago I took him out for the first time in this same team, although against Sandbox and with quite a different result.

While the first game with Lee Sin was watered down and ended in loss, this time it was the opposite. The botlane he was facing was quite aggressive (Kalista and Rell), so a Lee Sin accompanied by Senna’s nuisance damage and the help of a Diana in the jungle was more likely to win the game… So it was. Thanks to the huge Wombo Combo of the team led by Faker with Yasuo, Diana and Yone, they won a very peculiar series against BRO, who was not entirely successful in either game.