The second day of action in the Playoffs phase of Valorant Masters begins with a confrontation between Leviathan against DRX, a debut of the Latin American team that has its first participation in an international and that comes as Seed 1 of its Region will now have to face the Koreans to be able to advance within the competition, we will see a very interesting duel.

Starting on a map of Ascent that the Levianeta takes with great control in the first half playing with her aggressiveness with a Vicente Tacolilla Compagnon that put the bullets in the right place with her chamber To the front to his squad leaving an 11-1, changing from sides Drx proposed the different things with Kim Mako Myeong-Kwan that used Astra to calm things, however, Leviathan ended the encounter with a 13-6 In his favor.

For the second map it appears Breeze selected by the Asian team where it would be present Goo RB Sang-Min that using Jett would play a fair 8-4 In favor of the Koreans, in the change of roles the sea dragon wanted to answer but failed to do much due to the defense proposed by the Drx team to close the map with a 13-5 that tied the Serie.

The last map would be Haven where everything could happen but the attack proposed by the Drx team would be decisive leaving RB tickets that allowed the rivals to be disorient and with the accuracy of Kim Stax Gu-Taek Using Bridge managed His work with Raze getting several important casualties but was not enough to send the Overtime ending with a 13-11.

Now the Latin team will have to seek to arrive from the lower bracket to the grand final, facing the Xset team who ended up losing to Optic in the other game of the day, now it remains to prepare for another duel but against the Na region to be able to remain alive in the competition and get more points that can be left in classified in Champions.