The clubs are required to allow their nationwide gamers to participate in competitions throughout the main international break. The Africa Cup, which has been held every two years in January and also February, is to be held at the very least temporarily in June and July, i.e. the European reduced period.

I will certainly not turn them off to the Africa Cup or the South America championships, claimed de Laurentiis in a meeting.

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President Aurelio de Laurentiis from SSC Naples will no more wish to sign South or african American players if they do refrain without certain competitions with their nationwide groups.

  • In Naples, some essential players are Africans and consistently fail throughout league operations. These gamers are never readily available in between the Africa Cup and the World Cup qualifiers in South America, said de Laurentiis: We are the idiots that pay the salaries to ensure that they can bet others. He desires you all the most effective, however either you authorize a waiver for the Africa Cup or….