Rockstar Games announced on the 5th that it has added new Bene factor SM722 to GTA Online and launched a new exhibition hall.


The Bene factor SM722 can be found in the Legendary Motor Sports, and can be viewed, tested or purchased at the premium deluxe motor sports exhibition and luxury auto exhibition halls.

First, new means of transportation such as the Premium Deluxe Motor Sports Exhibition, such as Bene factor Dubsta, Sheval Picador, Blue Albani Hermes, Bravado Gauntlet Helfire, and My Battsenombra FF.

At the Luxury Auto Exhibition Hall, we will display a pair of cars every week, and this week we will showcase Grotity Italy GTO and Metallic Ice White Omnis E-GT.

In addition, Vesfucci Job (Remix) offers three times as much GTA and RP, completing a bunker supply mission, receiving double supplies, or completing a bunker amunition contract or a bunker research mission, and earning 200,000 bonus GTA dollars. have.

In addition, if you complete the weapons trafficking or nightclub warehouse, MC, and special package mission for a week, you can get a pair of white-off earphones for free, and you can proceed with a private session in an invitation session.

In addition, from this week, Air Force Zero, Speed up, and you will be able to enjoy the journal nuts and stock files again.