Today’s obstacle is to light the frozen fireworks that you can find on different coastlines throughout the video game. You just need to turn one, and you will obtain the 2020 glider to celebrate the new year. You can utilize our useful guide to locate the beaches on which the frozen fireworks are situated.

With all the missing out on gifts for many gamers, this technique will certainly no longer function. Fortunately, the solution is rather straightforward. All you have to do is play a suit, go back to the hall, however at the Winterfest Cabin, and it will be loaded with an additional challenge for you. You can additionally reactivate the game to address the issue. Bear in mind that you will possibly have to do the exact same thing on a daily basis up until completion of the Winterfest, because we do not recognize when Legendary will have the ability to deal with the problem.


If you require aid for various other Winterfest difficulties, we have a full list of obstacles and also how to take them up. You have up until January 7 to load them, because it is at the end of the Winterfest.

Over the past two weeks, Christmas stockingsfortnitehas offered us day-to-day difficulties to finish to get a nice vacation loot. However, he appears to have pestered for lots of players today. Formerly, it was not a problem since if you were going to the Winterfest Cabin in the menus and also there was absolutely nothing in all-time low, opening up a present would reset him.