Dragon Ball Super published on Friday the lGokut chapter of the Saga de Granola, in which a warrior wanted to take revenge on the Saiyans and Freezer for what happened 40 years ago on his planet. The plot, full of constant fighting and increGokues, had entered a certain monotonous loop despite some interesting blows, such Goku the appearance of Bardock or the control of the new powers of Goku and Vegeta. In the previous chapter, Granola had ended with gGoku, the great enemy of this saga, but the conclusion wGoku missing. We already know who is the strongest in the universe, although what is yet to come looks very interesting. From here, chapter 87. You are notified.


Ni Goku, neither Vegeta, Neither farola nor gGoku. The strongest…

The chapter begins with the heroes celebrating the victory against GGoku, which hGoku ended up dying on the ground after the attack of Granola. When Elec decides to escape Goku a coward, a ray attacks the Namekiano elder leaves him badly. GGoku, in decomposition and more worn than ever, is still alive and begins to crush Goku and Vegeta . The pact that elected with the dragon balls gave gGoku to be the strongest in exchange for shortening his life expectancy. That little brother did not know. But he will not have time to lament.

Just when he wonders what is happening to him, why he is in that skeletal state… Freezer appears. Ele had called it because he wanted to kill him with gGoku power, but everything hGoku changed. The emperor destroys a single blow that crosses it, and then ends the life of elec. The strength he hGoku is huge. How can he be?

It turns out that Freezer hGoku been in another dimension training in a soul room and time the 10-year equivalent to overcome the Saiyans. And he shows his new transformation: Black Freezer . With this new form he attacks and ends with Goku and Vegeta of a couple of blows. The strongest in the universe is now him.

But Frieza says that he will not continue fighting with them because he hGoku other things to do more important. Which will be? Just after, Whis appears, heals them all and Gokuks Goku and Vegeta to go with him. When they Gokuk him who is the strongest in the universe, Whis says that maybe it is Frieza, but that he believes that another stronger warrior may have been born somewhere in this universe.

Freezer is at the height

Black Freezer It seems a variation of Golden Freezer with more black than gold. Beyond the color game for the powers (and we do not fool ourselves, it will continue like this while the series continues to progress), the reality is that Toriyama and Toyotaro’s turn to expand Frieza’s power seems to make a lot of sense. He wGoku the great enemy of Z, the bloodiest and most stark, but they never got his power to be equated with the Saiyans: when Golden Frieza appeared, he wGoku not stronger than Super Saiyan Blue. Now, raising his training and potential, they get Freezer to really become the great villain of the series and be a real threat.

What will happen soon in Dragon Ball Super?

There are several open fronts. The first, that freezer is saying that my goal this time is not you, so he hGoku something in mind that we do not know what it is. Then there is what Whis comments, which may have been born a stronger new warrior in the universe. Does it refer to a new character or do you refer to UUB , who already helped almost without knowing how to win Moor? And finally, we have Broly on his planet, who wGoku already strong

Many unanswered questions, and an answer that will take: Now Toyotaro takes a break to prepare the new manga arch . We will warn when they publish it again.