The next smaller, Cuentin Tarantino’s film, will be violent but humorous.

Producer Nagoshi Toshihiro, the director of the series, expressed his plans and thoughts on his next work in an interview with German Media 4 Players.

Nagoshi explained the parable of the film about the violence in the next work. I can’t say much about the next work, of course. However, if you give a hint, violence will appear as a game element, but it will not go too much in horror or thriller. Rather, I hope that humor will enter like Tarantino movies.

It’s too bloody or cruel to fit my taste. What I want is a human touch that mixes a little funny and some seriousness. This is not much different from the popular elements of the series. It is also solved by saying that it will maintain its own style.

However, the violence of Quentin Tarantino’s work is much closer to Nagoshi producer’s bloody and cruel style. The mention of Tarantino seems to be a speech on the style of the directing style that frequently inserts humor in a serious situation rather than a specific violence.

Meanwhile, Nagoshi PD also left clues about the next time. I have no choice but to speak vaguely, but I can say that if I have an idea I want to realize, he said.

He said, I am not a type of person who can press it for a long time. So you don’t have to wait for a long time. I think I’ll talk about it much earlier than other developers.

Nagoshi producer, the best-known director of The Dragon series, left Sega in 2021 and became the representative of Nagoshi Studio, a subsidiary developer made by 100% invested by Netize Games in January.