Since its premiere, House of the Dragon has not been oblivious to time jumps between episodes. One of the most shocking developments of these jumps was revealed in the third episode of the first season, which confirmed that Viserys Targaryen now lacks the little fingers and cancels his left hand. As a result, this has left many fans wondering What exactly happened with the visions fingers between episodes two and three of House of the Dragon.

What happened to Visery fingers in House of the Dragon?

Although spectators have not yet been given a specific response in the program itself, it seems very likely that Visery fingers were amputated due to the symptoms of his mysterious disease. . First we learned of his disease in the first episode, when the masters were treating an injury to his back that refused to heal. The scene ended with the cauterization suggestion to promote the healing of the wound.

In episode 2 of House of the Dragon, we see the king being treated with worms to remove the dead finger from his finger and, in the words of the master, luckily, stop the advance of rot. It is now clear that this attempt to cure Viserys failed and he required the amputation of the little finger and the annular.

Some spectators have postulated that Viserys Targaryen undergoes an earlier incarnation of gray scale, particularly because he extends through his skin. Although the coloration and bruises of their fingers in the third episode are similar to those we have seen in the grays Be something completely different.

That is Everything we know so far about what happened with Viserys fingers in House of the Dragon . will keep it updated as more episodes are transmitted and more information is revealed, but until then, you may want to get more information about the time jumps between the first two episodes of the program or the material of origin on which it is based the program.

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