It is easy not to notice the bronze in Pokémon Go, but he has great combat potential. Players need to know the most powerful tricks to arm the fighter to take advantage of the power of this Pokémon and other powerful monsters like him.

The best bronze techniques in Pokémon Go

Bronze-Pokemon of steel and mental types. This is a great combination of types, since it gives the Pokémon a long list of resistance (ordinary, stone, herbal, dragon, mental, poisonous, fairy, flying, steel and icy type), which means that it can withstand many attacks. Damage from most opponents. The best bronze techniques will correspond to its type, since it will get an advantage from the blow.

Note : moves with an asterisk (*) receive a bonus from an attack of the same type (STAB) and inflict increased damage.

Best Bronze Proceedings

Best Bronze Protective Techniques

All possible bronze movements in Pokémon Go

Fast attacks

charged attacks

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