Creator of En twitch content since 2013 , Primate is a very important figure of the Amazon platform. Over the years, she has made a name among the main twitch streamers, both in the United States and around the world. In spite of everything, she has not had an easy path, between harassment, stalks and violent raids, Primate has experienced the hatred of some malicious users.

Image Any’s, real name of Al Creator of Canadian content has experienced the evolution of Twitch towards measures aimed at protecting streamers of this type of behavior. In a recent video of trash taste, she had the opportunity to talk more about these visible changes on the platform.

Twitch has changed a lot

At least that says Primate, who over the years has had the opportunity to observe many changes in user behavior. According to her, Twitch is becomingincreasingly diverse _, that is, more and more streamers are considered their fair value and that is good.


The streamer says she has received many sexist messages in the past while playing League of Legends, and she is happy to see that this type of such toxic behavior is increasingly rare today. In spite of everything, the malicious people are still present and Primate continues to face macho users.

Unacceptable behaviors

Several times, the spectators have confused her with a cam-Girl, just because she is a streamer. ** The behaviors, although unacceptable, are still present on Twitch.

On this beautiful message , Primate hopes that in a few years, the streamers no longer have to deal with sexist behaviors, whatever they are. As for the future of her channel, the influencer said she wanted to diversify and produce content in networks such as Instagram or TikTok.