From 11:00 on September 22 today, the official service of the PC version Gun dam Evolution has started. I guess many people say I waited for 3 years at this time.

However, when trying to start the game, A communication error has occurred . There are many tweets that cannot be started on Twitter.

According to the official announcement, this issue is currently being investigated. At 11:30, if you try to start the game, will be displayed as Maintenance is currently underway. The end time is undecided **.

I don’t know if it happened because the login was concentrated, but it seems that I have to calm down and wait for recovery.

[*September 22, 11:40 Update: I added it because the official announcement was announced from the official]

The current error seems to be due to BANZAI NAMC Launcher, and it seems that maintenance will be carried out from 11:30 to 12:00. Wait for the maintenance to complete.

[*September 22nd 12:10 Update: Announcement of extension of maintenance from the official]

[*September 22nd 12:20 Update: Announced the end of maintenance from the official]