Usually around the middle of each season in Destiny 2, lawyers are instructed to destroy the champions. Champions are special versions of enemies that can only be won with the help of the corresponding mod against champions. So, when will the time come to spend a special farm of these troubles, where can you find them?

Best Champions Farm Destiny 2

There are two classes that are best suited for the farm of the Champions: Legend/Mastering the lost sectors and dusk . Both that, and another, you can try to do relatively easily if the guard is equipped with modes that allow you to drop the champions in question. Gloomy raids are ideal for passing alone and can bring additional prey in the form of exotic items, while gloomy raids can be launched with the selection of players for relatively simple passages. However, in the group of guards will compete with each other for the murders.

  • Legend/Master of the lost sectors
  • Twilight
  • Legend/Basic actions
    • Raids
    • Dungeons
    • Seasonal events

Destiny 2 Anti-Champion Mods (Season 18)

  • Onion of overload
  • Functioning impulse rifle
  • Intelligence rifle
  • Anti-barrier automatic rifle
  • Functioning shotgun
  • Machine guns overload
  • Anti-barrier sniper rifle
  • Explosive detonators
  • Hellish whip


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