In certain series, jokes related to other products of popular culture are made, and Friends achieved a quite interesting joke in relation to everyone’s favorite treasures, Spider-Man . However, this has only been taken as a joke, but now after many years, it was surprisingly canon in the world of comics.

In season 3, episode 19 The one with the tiny shirt, Phoebe and Chandler They talk about the hero, and Phoebe Ask why Spider-Man It is not pronounced without a script as the names Goldman and Silverman . To her surprise, Chandler explains: It is not his surname… it’s not like ‘ Phil Spider-Man ’. ** He is a Spider-Man. Something that has just changed.

Now in The Last Laugh by Jordan Blum and Michael Shelter , from Edge of Spider-Verse #4 , presents the character Pete Spider-Man . Pete is a superhero whose last name is actually Spider-Man . With this wink, it seems that the authors have quite present the wink of Friends, so now when working in Marvel they did not waste the time to make the joke.

In news related to Spider-Man . It is confirmed that the terrifying version will soon arrive, either in physical versions in stores, or also in digital for cell phones or even some computers. If you want to take a look at the first images, we invite you to click on the following link.