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Haegin, implementation of Lotteria Brand Hall in Play Together

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Begin (CEO Lee Jong-il) announced on the 31st that it opened the Lottery Brand Hall in ‘Play Together’ with Lottery Vietnam (Lottery).


According to the company, Lottery, located in the main plaza of CIA Island, has implemented offline stores from tables, seats, counters, and menu, and the actual popular menu appears as a food item in the game.

There are seven menus that can be seen in Lottery, CIA Island, including Bulgari burgers, shrimp burgers, and seasoned potatoes.

The store appears as Lottery’s representative character Roy, Rod, and Locking ENPC (NPC) to welcome users to visit brands. These NPC characters were reborn as 3D characters in the game as a design selected at the Lottery Character Design Competition last year.

Among them, Roy provides a special mission to the users who visit the brand, and when they are completed, Lottery costumes are presented as a reward.

Meanwhile, the company patched Arabic for game users in the Middle East, which is increasing in Fly Together, and added that a total of 13 languages are supported.

VfB Stuttgart: Future design? Double leaders Guirassy/Pfeiffer persuaded

The substantial dual tip with Serious Grassy as well as Luca Pfeiffer could be a design for the future at VfB Stuttgart.

You are not just a double leading as well as target gamer, however likewise relocate well in between the lines. This is of training course a design that can function, stated acting instructor Michael Swimmer after the duo’s great look at 2-1 (1: 1) in the Bundesliga versus FC Augsburg.

However, it is also possible to start once again with only one tall and also a lively gamer in the storm, according to Swimmer. He provided Tiago Tomás, Silas Atom Mumps, Juan José Para as well as Thomas Cassandras as alternatives for the offensive. We already have top quality in storm as well as can be adaptable.

Grassy fired the initial Stuttgart goal versus augsburg, Pfeiffer struck the bar in the final stage. We won. Serious racked up an objective, we had a great deal of possibilities. I think we were excellent at the game, said Pfeiffer concerning the start-up. So I would not dismiss doing it again.

Call of Duty: Modern War 2: Discover gamers bothersome manipulate

It did not take as well long because the gamers have already uncovered the initial manipulate in the brand-new Telephone Call of Duty: Modern War 2. This allows us to endless tactical sprint.

The motion in the Call of Duty Area has actually been debatable for a very long time. The so-called slide canceling has currently become an essential mechanics for gamers in the past to relocate over the map faster and to win the advantage in battling. The function was gotten rid of in Modern Warfare 2-at least you would like to believe.

Call of Responsibility: Modern War 2-Movement Manipulate slips via the designers

You simply have to utilize a melee assault at the end of your tactical sprint to force the very same. The slide canceling likewise worked similarly, whereby the slide activity needed to be executed rather of the melee attack.

Although the Slide Cancelling that made you reset the tactical sprint must in fact have been eliminated from the video game, professional gamer Shot found a way to continue making use of technology in the beta phase of Telephone call of Task: Modern Warfare 2. Developer Infinity Ward reacted rapidly and also announced additional improvements on sliding, while at the same time some activity exploits must be remedied.

Among these exploits is to the developers, however, how it checks out. This discusses Reddit individual HaneAlpdgaming that he had familiarized the method by the former specialist code gamer Lethargy. This showed a method to reset the tactical sprint in Modern Warfare 2.

Community is irritated

In the connected Reddit article, the majority of the commenting players created that this is obviously a blunder by the developers. In her viewpoint, this ought to be fixed asap. An additional customer describes that he can not consider the transfers at the professional degree of Phone call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 for an entire year if the problem is not screwed.

In the meanwhile, the most recent component of the shooter collection mostly fulfills positive reaction. Above all, the attention of detail and also the sensible graphic with which the brand-new Cod: MW2 shows up. Our test exposes whether we are likewise enthusiastic regarding Infinity Ward’s most current job, or Telephone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Last present video: video clip meeting

The feature was gotten rid of in Modern Warfare 2-at the very least you would such as to assume.

This showed a means to reset the tactical sprint in Modern War 2.

An additional individual describes that he could not look at the transfers at the professional level of Telephone call of Obligation: Modern Warfare 2 for an entire year if the issue is not screwed.

Our test reveals whether we are additionally passionate about Infinity Ward’s latest job, or Call of Task: Modern War 2.

Gensin Effect: Two years later

It has actually been over 2 years considering that the activity role-playing video gamegen shin Influence was released by the Chinese designerphoto(InternationalHoovers ).Genshin Impactleft quite combined sensations with us. We have when again looked in detail in the globe ofGenshin Impactand also would such as to provide you an update below.

Thedharma-forestis likewise one of the newer, incredibly big game areas. Source:

an explore the past

Our opinion was fairly split when we were in information withGenshin Impactemployees 2 years ago. There was the varied gameplay that had a lot to use. Despite whether you were a follower of creative tales, or the vibrant areas much more checked out in his very own method, many kinds of players obtained their money’s worth. Particularly when you let your desire research run cost-free and loosened up from the apparent paths, the easily accessible video game world exposed its true toughness many thanks to the little obstacles and numerous problems.

At the very same time, however, one of the greatest objections ofGenshin Impactis gone along with by this: With a couple of exceptions, the needed numbers are just acquired via the wanted system, in which the personalities are arbitrarily raffled off. In this column, we have actually explained in detail how this immoral F2P design with totally exaggerated rates and betting technicians try to pull the cash out of your pocket.

This business model was additionally the reason, in spite of the numerous toughness, we did not wish to make a clear recommendation forGenshin Impact . Furthermore, the material back then might not inspire enough time. With launch there were only the 2 locationsRonstadtand alsolife . These were extensive, however still played with in the foreseeable future if you dealt intensively with the title. You got to the point at which there was barely more to do than the everyday missions and the periodic events. The combat system is still regarding incorporating the different primary attacks as long as feasible. Source:

We also encouraged the fight system, which was about incorporating the different elementary assaults of the personalities in such a way that they match each other smartly and strengthen each various other. In addition to the open video game world, this system is one of the best toughness of the title and also many thanks to the plenty of combinations of the various characters, you can attempt a lot right here.

our return to Gen sin Effect

Firstly, it can be said that not much has actually altered in the basic gameplay loophole. That was to be anticipated as well as is a great thing. It is still equally much enjoyable to discover the comprehensive game globe, to fix many challenges as well as endure fights. For nearly every task, we are awarded with prize chests in which upgrade products as well as the sought afterprisonerslie that we need for the wishes. This keeps us happy and also many thanks to the numerous brand-new areas there is likewise a great deal to experience. The search for the prize chest is still a great deal of enjoyable! Source:

This has actually currently been over two years and also since after that a great deal has actually taken place worldwide ofGenshin Impact _. So it was time for a new check-out. In order to make the impacts look unbiased, we created a brand-new account and also dealt intensively with the ready a number of weeks as well as months.

a huge world

In August 2022, thedharma-forestwas released an additional location, which was even supplemented by the desert areaexcellent Red Sandin September. We still have many quests to find a lot as well as complete of treasure upper bodies prior to we can even believe of visiting the latest areas. You can set up and layout this location according to your own desires.

The new countries are much extra comprehensive. These are equally effective as the beginning locationsRonstadtand alsolifeand also keep us active for weeks. In July 2021, for instance,traumashowed up, a location inspired by Japan that focuses on the electron component. There is a lot to discover right here as well as likewise some brand-new game auto mechanics. For example, we additionally push electric barriers here, which we can only go across if we are electrically packed utilizing supposedelectrogranum _. This brings selection to the activity and occasionally presents us with new difficulties and also the wording. Intraumawe discover many problems that revolve around the electron aspect. Source:

These zones additionally make it clear exactly how much has actually occurred in the meanwhile and just how much greater the video game world has actually come to be within the past 2 years. With the normal updates, brand-new locations have always been included, which we can openly check out. There are instead clear areas, such as the snow locationdragon pine , which was released in December 2020 orthe Chasm , in which we descend right into a significant meteorite crater. These new areas are fairly remarkable, however if you maintain up, you can still play through in a few days.

However, that’s not all, because all over the world the locals give us tasks that we also get accessibility to brand-new areas withintrauma _. To name a few things, we need to ruin an obstacle with cannons to make a new location obtainable on an island. At an additional point we also locate a substantial below ground cave that is not even shown on the globe map and which still uses us hours. It is merely remarkable to see just how we always come across brand-new areas as well as expand our world detailed. The numerous tasks and pursuits lead us to brand-new regions of the video game world. Resource:


far more new

However, that’s not all, since we likewise have a lot of brand-new video game technicians far from the substantially larger game globe. For instance, we can currently try fishing This can be worthwhile, because the fish captured this way can be exchanged for high-grade incentives in some dealers-for example, versusthe catch _, among the best spear tools that are in the video game.

That seems fantastic initially, but is subject to some limitations that can be rather bothersome. So we can just swing the angling rod at unique factors, which likewise have a few more days respawn when they are fished vacant. The angling itself reminds of games like Star dew Valley, so that we need to move a bar with the fish with a click of the mouse to make sure that it does not escape us. This is not specifically incredible, however fulfills its objective.

Web page 1 The past, brand-new areas and also angling.

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It has actually been over 2 years because the activity role-playing video gamegen shin Effect was released by the Chinese designerphoto(InternationalHoovers ). With release there were only the two locationsRonstadtas well aslife . There are rather clear areas, such as the snow areadragon pine , which was launched in December 2020 orthe Gorge _, in which we come down right into a significant meteorite crater. These are simply as powerful as the starting locationsRonstadtand alsolifeand keep us active for weeks. In August 2022, thedharma-forestwas published one more location, which was even supplemented by the desert areaterrific Red Sandin September.

Valorant: Riot takes new measures to end the cheats by Windows

If you have an ancient version of Windows and play one from the list of games that Riot Games has, this news will interest you a lot, since you run the risk of not enjoying them soon. As of November 24 of this year, Valorant will stop admitting ancient Windows versions that are not fully compatible with avant-garde, the specialized software and antitrampas that you have to install, while this shorter tactics.

Why of this decision? Because these versions of Windows are no longer compatible with Microsoft , which allows the cheats to avoid certain security functions that allow game developers to maintain the security of Valorant, so the wave of the wave of Cheetos would increase and experience in the game would be more than unpleasant for rivals.

These versions that will become obsolete from Windows are the following:

* 1507

1511 *
* 1709


How to know which version of Windows you have on your PC?

To know what version of Windows you have on your PC, There are two ways to find out . The fastest is to give start, execute and put in the Winner command. There will be immediately that version that your computer has. The second is somewhat longer, but equally effective. You go to Start menu, configuration, system, about and the version number will be next to the version section.

The first two numbers are the year the version that is running was launched, so if these are greater than 17, it is fine and you will not need to update the computer to play Valorant with your friends. Throughout these days, and before this period is over, Riot’s own antihero program will notify you that your version will stop being suitable , so you must update it in case they leave you Those ads.

WoW: Dragonflight: Extremely Rare-Items in Raid

Resource: In method, there are items that are better than various other items, yet in return have a much lower drop opportunity. Because not all items happen to get even more items, but it is unique and also known items of some managers in development.

Devices had to run behind due to the fact that the finest items had a low drop chance. In the form of the very unusual item.

The intentions that Blizzard goes after (more tension in the front bosses that are or else uninteresting & extra lasting motivation in RAID) are in any kind of situation paying attention to those called the introduction of titanium created. And also even if the pre-patch is impending, it will certainly take some time prior to the RAID from WoW: Draognflight opens its gates.


In the vault of the manifestations there are a total of 4 items that have a greater item degree than the remainder of the victim with the respective employer. These items are also split right into a different group in the journey guide, the eponymous extremely uncommon section. These items additionally have a reward effect, so it must be dramatically better than all choices.

With respect to prey from Raids or Dungeons, the WoW programmers have tried a lot in the past 18 years. From normal challenge symbols, brands, benefit tosses, war-forged items to tools pearls, we had to take care of plenty of systems. The majority of them have gone away once again eventually as well as today just exist in our memory.

4 special items

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Philipp Settler

From normal objects to symbols, brand names, bonus offer tosses, war-forged items to weapons pearls, we had to deal with countless systems. In the vault of the versions there are an overall of four items that have a greater thing level than the rest of the prey with the particular manager. Source: Rubbed In method, there are items that are far better than other items, however in return have a much lower drop opportunity. Due to the fact that not all items occur to obtain more items, but it is known and also unique items of some employers in development.

[Information] If you read this, completely conquest, Marvel Snap in -game guide

Marvel Snap is basically 6 turns per game, and has a simple rules for the user who occupies two of the three districts, but if you open it in detail, several strategic elements are hidden. However, since it does not give all the information in the tutorial in the game, if you start the game for the first time, you may miss the victory due to the lack of information.


Therefore, I would like to briefly explain the basic system, how to proceed, and the UI information. Please refer to this article to achieve a high rank by learning how to proceed with Marvel Snap.

■ How to proceed with the game
Marvel Snap allows you to play the game using a deck with 12 cards. Both players start the game with three cards and draw one from the deck every time the turn starts. In three areas, up to four cards can be deployed, and the effects of cards and zones must be used to obtain higher power than opponents. A player with high power wins in that area, and if you win two or more zones, you will be the final winner.

The game is basically 6 turns, and the maximum energy required for the card starts with 1, and it rises by 1 every turn. When the game ends, you can get a booster by the number of turns, and you can upgrade the rating of the card by consuming boosters and credits you acquired.

If you win the game, you can also get a ranking cosmic cube. However, if you lose the iron rank, you should lose the cosmic cube.

■ Profile & Name Plate
Touch the profile at the top of the screen to see the number of the remaining decks of the player, the destroyed card, and the abandoned cards. If you touch your profile, you can interact with multiple interactions, and if you touch your opponent’s profile, you can set up or report it.

There is a name plate right below the profile, which shows that the name plate of a specific user is shining every time the game turns progresses. The player with a names plate means that it is a predecessor in that turn, so you can see who the nameplate is shining before the card is placed.

It’s a good idea to cultivate a habit of seeing who is the 1. This is because even if a card with the same effect is placed, the effect of the predecessor player’s card is released first. Depending on the effect of the card, it may be advantageous to activate first or later, so make sure to use it well to show the effect of the card as much as possible.

■ Cosmic Cube
Cosmic Cube is a ranking experience acquired at the end of the game. If you touch the cosmic cube, you can double bet, which can be done once per game, which is called ‘snap’. If you win both your opponent and yourself, you get 8 ranks, but lose that much when you’re defeated. So it’s usually good to snap when the victory is confirmed.

Of course, there is a way to use it back and snap it for deception, and encourage the opponent to escape.

■ Hand loss
Unless it is a special situation, the card can only be made from the hand in hand. Start with three cards at the start of the game, and every time the turn starts, one card is drawn from the deck. In other words, in one turn, you start with a total of four cards. Cards can only be up to 7 cards, and if a new turn starts with seven chapters, you can’t draw a card from your deck.

■ End & Escape button
The end button is a button that allows you to check and interact with information such as the number of turns currently in progress, the last number of turns of this game, the remaining time, and the turn. Every time the turn progresses, the current turn and the last turn of the game are marked. It also serves as a timer that tells the remaining time as the color of the button is slightly drained. If you have all the cards, you can press the button to finish the turn quickly.

If you feel disadvantageous during the game, you can escape the game by pressing the escape button at any time. Of course, if you escape, you will be defeated, but if you use the escape in an adverse situation, you lose only a small amount of cube. If your opponent’s victory has even snapped in a definite situation, it is also a good idea to escape quickly.

The escape is now escaped and after a while, and after a while, the escape is a reservation system that waits until the end of the turn and automatically escapes after the turn. If your opponent has chosen to escape now, if you win, and if your opponent selects the escape after a while, it will be drawn.

■ Energy
Energy displays the costs that can be used every turn. If you have enough energy, you can place your cards. The energy is only 1 at first, but as the turn passes, the maximum is 1 point, and in some cases, it may be temporarily rising with certain cards or zone effects.

For reference, if you touch energy, you will see a button of all behavior cancellation. If you press the button before the turn, you can initialize all the actions you did in that turn. Usually, you can use multiple cards and use it if you want to return it again.

■ Zone & Card Batch Zone
The field has a total of three zones. Each district is released every time one turn from left to the left. The three areas are randomly determined every time the game starts, and the same area is not changed unless the effect of a specific card or zone is activated.

The zone is a separate field that does not interfere with other zones, and both users can only place up to four cards in one area, allowing up to 12 cards per game. The highest power of the cards placed in the area wins the area, and the player with two or more wins the game. If the game is finished with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, the total power of the three zones will be combined, and the player with higher power wins.

The batch area is usually used only for placing the cards in the hand, and only four cards can be placed in one area. In a special situation, the cards that were placed in the last turn may be interacted with, which can move the area. Move the card in which you can move to the desired area and press the end to move the card to the corresponding area.

You can also freely recover the cards without the turn after the card is placed in an arbitrary area. However, if you have multiple cards, you must collect it in reverse order to place it from the beginning. If this method is bothersome, it is also a way to cancel all behavior by pressing energy.

Basketball euroleague: Bavaria is subject to Barcelona

In the last quarter, the team of trainer Andrea Trencher no more came back right into the video game and ultimately needed to take the 3rd loss in the third match with 73:84. The American Augustine Rubin was with 19 factors most effective throwers at Bayern, who had actually just failed in the crucial game five in the crucial video game five of the Catalans about six months ago. Currently, on Thursday (8:30 p.m.) the munich group against the Italian champion Emporia armani milan have the next chance to take the very first win.


Bayern Munich has to await his first win in the Euro league. In a new version of last year’s quarter-finals, the group of instructor Andrea Trencher shed to the Spanish top team FC Barcelona with 73:84 (34:37). With three defeats from 3 games, the Munich-based Muncher started in the Euro league at the end of the table.

At the starting the battle was still well-balanced, with 18:18 the first quarter finished. After that, the catalans placed on an intermediate sprint and also moved away even without the injured leading celebrity Nikola Mitotic in the third round.

Hamburg is subject to Ankara

In the Euro cup, the Hamburg Towers had to acquiesce 83:88 (38:44) in Team B Turk Telecom Ankara. Even 23 factors from Marvin Clark can not prevent the residence loss. After a six-point shortage at the break, the towers battled once more shortly before completion (75:76), but the visitors responded to with 5 factors straight as well as thus made the initial choice.

FF14: The FFXIV journey engineering – Livestream consecrates brand-new community

The German-language last dream 14 area can look onward to the ff xiv journey design , which has been announced by the designers of Square Enix. These are 2 new channels that rotate around the MMORPG hit from Japan and the German Neighborhood. A variety of web content such as guides and interesting gameplay, however additionally cooking reveals or pen & paper evenings will certainly be offered below in the future. You can discover the networks under the following web links:

  • YouTube: || ff xiv journey fashion **
  • Twitch: || ff xiv adventure fashion **


If you intend to be survived on the spectacle, you ought to be on 21. October 2022 at 5:00 p.m. drop in the networks discussed over. The program then goes Bi Sums 23. October at 11:59 p.m. . We recommend an appearance at the main announcement from Square Enix if you desire to know more concerning it. Right here you will also locate the specific program strategy. If there is additional info, we will certainly naturally share it with you.

In order to inaugurate the journey guild , there will be a two and a half day-to-day real-time stream from Friday, October 21, 2022, which will certainly become with by various recognized |* FFXIV-TONTENT suppliers. There will certainly additionally be a lot of activities in which you can participate, such as alliance raids, dungeon obstacles, gold dish web content, tests and also roulette. In between, particular areas of the video game are additionally provided extra specifically. At night, you can only expect Korea adventurer or listen to songs with a pen & paper session.

two-and-a-hold livestream

To web page

The German-language final dream 14 neighborhood can look ahead to the ff xiv journey design , which has actually been announced by the developers of Square Enix. In order to inaugurate the experience guild , there will certainly be a 2 as well as a half everyday online stream from Friday, October 21, 2022, which will certainly be gone along with by numerous recognized | FFXIV-TONTENT makers. October 2022 at 5:00 p.m. * quit by in the networks mentioned over.

Stefan Drunk

Prime Video Indicator with Warner and also Sony Pictures to expand its directory in France

What are the material worried? Several of the collection of Warner Bros. Discovery like the spin-offquite Little Phonies: Initial Wrong , the very first two periods ofThe Sex Lives of College Girls , the miniseriesDMZor season 1 of the series DC Comics crazyappeaseracquired from suicide squad. The contract adds non-exclusive circulation rights from collection from the Warner catalog, consisting ofquite Little Phonies ,edge ,The Originalsor the very first 3 seasons of Legacies, One Tree Hillside or Shameless. Prime likewise recoups broadcast civil liberties in France Numerous of the Sony Pictures item films, including Spider-Man : No Chance Home ,venom: Let There Be CarnageorMöbius , but additionallySo’s ghosts: the inheritance(these movies have actually so far been relayed as a priority on OCS) or the film Uncharted and on the various cinematographic adjustments of video games already supplied by Sony. So numerous material which will as a result be available on Video Prime from the beginning of following year (based on the deadlines imposed by the chronology of the media in France).

Completion of the contract in between HBO and OCS set up for the beginning of 2023, more or less or much less condemns the loss and also the video on-demand video clip platform has gotten on sale for a number of months. A number of buyers are on the ranks (including particularly Canal+), but undoubtedly the system still struggles to locate takers. Detector plainly attracts the consequences and also consequently gives up the legal rights of his productions to the device to various diffusers-therefore with a little less web content for the feasible customer of OCS.


If we believe Variety, the team has just found a brand-new partner: Amazon Prime Video clip clearly authorized an exclusive circulation agreement with Warner Bros. Exploration and Sony Photo to transmit their films as well as collection on French region.

In France, traditionally, most productions of the HBO platform are relayed on OCS , the video clip system on need from Orange . The arrangement between OCS and HBO have to nonetheless reach completion of the year, and we understand that the HBO Max system (which unites HBO web content, but additionally the magazine of Warner Bros. Discovery ) will certainly not be released in France prior to at ideal 2024. To put it simply, at the start of following year, the manufacturing of Warner Bros. Exploration and its partners like Sony Photos will no more have a regular broadcaster in France-a territory nevertheless deemed decisive in Europe by the Detector team.

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