Slime Rancher 2 offers a unique and pretty adventure and, well, a ton of alms. These alms are your sticky companions and around which the entire game cycle focuses. While exploring, it is possible that you find a great motionless silt. These are fat; They block the passages to hidden areas, new islands and unique treasures and knowledge. If you are curious to know where all these great guys are, don’t look anymore while we show you All the locations of Gordon Slime in Slime Rancher 2.

Where are all the locations of Gordon Slime in Slime Rancher 2?

Here are all the locations of Gordon Slime in Slime Rancher 2:

Campos de Arcoíris

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There are three fat people in Rainbow Fields. These are the Gordon Pink, the Ford Gordon and the Cotton Gordon.

Gordon Rosa : This guy is involved in a recession between two cliffs. It is quite easy to find and sit on a geyser that takes it to the device to unlock Ember Valley.

Fat phosphorus : He is hidden near home. Simply leave the conservatory where your ship is docked. Keep running along the way and keep your eyes on the right until you see the small cave in which you are involved. Block the way to a treasure chest.

Gordon cotton : Go southeast from the refinery link and will be hanging out in a hill. Block the cave that houses the switch to reach Starlight Strand.

Starlight strand


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There are five fat at Starlight Strand. These include Honey Gordon, Ringtail Gordon, Angler Gordon, Flutter Gordon and Hunter Gordon. Keep in mind that to get to the southeast of Gordon Slime you will need a jetpack.

Gordon honey : Honey Gordon gives the first area where you see Honey Slime. It is in front of the waterfall on a shelf. If you do not have a jetpack, you can reach it circling to the back of the cliff in which it is and climbing for some mushrooms. Block the entrance to a cave with some treasures capsules and a pair of direct access doors.

Gordon hunter : In the area with the large closed door with key, follow the road to the left that embraces the wall of the cliff and leads to a cave with this large type blocking it. He is protecting a cave with a treasure pod and a closed door.

GORDON GLADE : In the area with the ruins wall, he sits firmly on a platform in front of a giant rainbow crack. Flutter Slime can only eat Mon dew Nectar, that you can’t grow, so be sure to collect everything you can while exploring to feed it. Block a cave with a research drone and a treasure pod.

Gordon of ringed tail *: Ringtail Slime is only active at night, so when the night falls, go to the east from the fat flutter and follow the road up. He sits on an alternative portal to Starlight Strand that makes returning to this section much more convenient.

Gordon fisherman : If you follow the road beyond the fat ring, you will see a great opening on the ground. Let yourself fall for this hole, and you should land right on the head of the Gordon Angler. Block a water jet that helps you travel between the lower and upper layers of the area.

Value de las Crabs

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The last third of Slime Rancher has five more Slime more to find them. These are Tabby Gordon, Rock Gordon, Crystal Gordon, Boom Gordon and Batty Gordon.

Boom Gordon : He sits on a huge wall in the westernmost part of the Ember Valley. Behind him there are two treasure pods, one of which has a strange diamond and a research drone.

Batty Gordon : This is located in the lowest section of the cave system inside the lava-covered mountain. Block a shortcut that leads to lava fields to the west.

Gordon Crystal : When you hit the open area with a tower. Take one of the speakers to the upper area to the cliff and follow it until you leave a cave with another geyser inside. You will see the big guy on your left on a platform. It covers a geyser that leads to a small hidden area with some resources and an easy shortcut to the entrance.

Gordon tied : Do you remember the cave that has a geyser in the center? This time the geyser and jetpack go up to get out of the ceiling. Once there, hug the wall on the right until you see the fat warp hanging on a platform. Block the alternative entry to the Ember Valley.

Gordon rock : On the way to Ember Valley, keep your eyes open on the walls of the right cliff. You should find a small passage that leads to the Rock Gordon cave. You will need three boom ports to open a door that leads to where he sits. It covers a geyser that takes you to a treasure capsule that has a Jetpack update material.

Finding and feeding all these Gordon Slime was super fun and incredibly valuable. With luck, this guide will help you discover them and guide you to find all the current secrets in Slime Rancher 2. If you are curious about the original Slime Rancher, we also have tons of guides for that.

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