Even World of Warcraft experiences errors from time to time. Normally, the game will throw an error message simply indicating what the problem is or will provide an error code to get more information. What happens yes, instead of an error code, you can’t connect to World of Warcraft? This is how you solve the error You could not log in to World of Warcraft at this time.

Error You couldn’t log in to World of Warcraft at this time

* Look for any server message published in the Battle.net initiator.

If there is a maintenance of the server currently in progress, a notice will be published near the top of the pitcher. You can also visit the official state of the Kingdom to get information about your server.

* Reflect that the client is updated.

Select World of Warcraft, then click Options (the defeated wheel icon). Choose Search for updates.


* Repair your client.

Select World of Warcraft, click options, then choose scan and repair.

* Restart its router or modem.

It is possible that the data were corrupted along the way, causing connection problems. When restarting, the broken files that still persist are eliminated.

* Remove your accessories.

Create a new folder, then move its accessories to it. Start wow and try to connect; If you succeed, then one or more of your accessories are damaged. Move back a complement at the same time until the problem reappears. It is tedious, but then you will know what complement it is causing problems.

* Empty our DNS and IP.

Open the system symbol, write each of these commands and then press intro, one at the same time: config /release , config /renew later config /flushing . Once it’s over, try another connection.

* Repeal World of Warcraft.

Do not underestimate the power of a new installation. Select World of Warcraft, click options, then choose Uninstall. Move your accessories, then click the Installation button to start over.

That is all that mustarrange the error ‘You could not log in to World of Warcraft at this time’. Warcraft. If you are interested in the public test kingdom, get on and discover how to join the Wow RPP.

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