The world of Dragon Ball is full of quite interesting characters, this goes from Piccolo, to the prince of the Taiwan, Veg eta , who little by little is taking away some prominence to the own A Roku . However, we also have the Android 17, to which the role of villain was attributed, but now lives a much more peaceful life on earth.

During the chapters where the Androids just awake robot. And that is that he would like to change the place to fight a more empty scenario, that is because he would not like the fauna of that place to suffer damage to the process.

That leads us to the tournament of power in the franchise of Dragon Ball Super , since Roku is looking for beings of great power to take the tournament and represent the universe number 7. That is where they find out that 17 is protecting a secret island that houses animals in danger of extinction, because their concern was always living beings.

That means that Akira Oriya could have anticipated in some way to events, or that he simply remembered the love of the robot for animals and decided to implement it.

In news related to the world of Dragon Ball . The creator of the work recently commented why Piccolo changes color in the last film. Well, this transformation left fans with many doubts. If you want to know more, we invite you to click on this link.

Via : Manga Plus

Editor’s note: Surely everything would have been coincidence, but it is quite curious that Oriya himself remembers things that literally occurred decades ago. Especially because it is known that he does not have the best memory.