It has been reported by several data miners and content creators in the Valorant community that the next game skins package should please much of the community, as it is a second version of one of the most beloved collections among all. After having a great success in version 1.0, he returns with new weapons -We are talking about the ion, which in this new edition promises to ing Vandal, Specter, Frenzy and Ares, as well as the Karambit knife, spray and other bonuses in Purchase of the entire cosmetics package.


ion 2.0 Will you have colorful variants?

One of the unknowns, although it seems resolved, is to see if Riot dares to add colors to the ion. We have seen through these months’ fan arts and editions of ion skins but in black, something that the community has enjoyed to the point of asking Riot to come true. Fortunately, for fans of this line, the ion 2.0 will have variants, According to Mike Valorant Leaks, one of the most well-known _Insiders in the community.

As a general rule Along always prepares a flagship in the form of skins when the act changes and would be no different this time. The ion collection is one of the most likely in the community and many have asked it to have its Vandal version, especially after several other themes include the two main weapons of the game with Phantom. The fact that this collection also includes a Karambit-style knife will certainly make it extremely popular, as players are very fond of this type of white weapon.

As for the price of the full package, we kick that it is around R $300, as usual for collections that include knives with effect. Of course, you can purchase skins separately if you wish. The release date is not confirmed either, but it is expected to arrive throughout the Act 3 of Chapter 5.