The magazine date of Phone call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 is officially on October 28th.

Why does COD MW2 have 3 launch appointments? The material of Modern Warfare 2 is available in 3 stages:

The staggered magazines do not directly bring about a flooding of brand-new COD content. It is such a complicated when you can play what. Mango introduces you to the material of the individual stages.

  • 20.10.-Preliminary deduction project
  • 28.10.-Official release
  • 16.11.-Season 1/ War zone 2.0

_ Our Intending to the launch Modern Warfare 2 has actually launched a star trailer with focused celebrity power: _

COD MW2: Release-Preliminary deduction campaign


What content is online? The total solitary gamer project goes on the internet without formerly understood limitations. If you play via the story, you protect web content for the multiplayer. You can discover all information concerning initial deduction, the goals as well as the MW2 story below.

When does the first stage start? On October 20, the initial stage brighten. The preload for the project will probably start on October 19 (by means of

That can play? The Early Gain access to for the project is for pre-orders of an electronic version of COD MW2.

All info regarding pre-order can be found here:

COD MW2: Release-official release

** What web content is online? It is not yet recognized the number of maps or goals are readily available at the beginning. You can locate our big information write-up on the COD MW2 right here.

When does the 2nd phase begin? The official release gets on October 28th. The preload for the launch material will probably begin on October 21 (by means of

Who can play? All purchasers of Modern War 2 have full gain access to. If you have actually purchased Modern War 2 as CD, the campaign is included. Here you can enjoy a few of the innovations of COD MW2:

What content is online? For the basic game Modern War 2, the new Raids go online.

What do you claim concerning the staggered launch phases? Leave a comment with your viewpoint about the subject as well as tell us which stage you obtain to.

COD MW2: Release-Season 1/ War zone 2.0

If you choose to review more regarding the technologies of Modern War 2, you can discover something appropriate here: The brand-new arms smith of COD Modern Warfare 2 is somewhat pay win, yet lowers the level grind substantially

When does the 3rd phase start? On November 16, COD MW2 switches over up an additional gear. The Period 1 starts with a great deal of brand-new content and War zone 2.0.

That can play? The new content in multiplayer as well as Spec-OPS are just for purchasers of COD MW2.

War zone 2.0 including the DMZ mode is totally free play. Whether your PS And also requires for War zone 2.0.

The publication date of Phone call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 is officially on October 28th. What web content is online? What content is online? What content is online? ** For the standard video game Modern Warfare 2, the new Raids go online.

The Battle Royale is presently called War zone 2.0. Look in our details’ article on War zone 2.0 for even more information.