Developed by Kinetic Games, Homophobia is the last successful horror game launched in Steam early access. It is perfect for the spooky season and assigns you and your friends the task of exploring embraced places while trying to discover what kind of ghost you are trying. Here is How to light spots sticks in Homophobia .

Lighting spots sticks in Homophobia

Like the crucifix, spot sticks are used as a kind of defensive tool in Homophobia. They can be used to calm a ghost and prevent hunting mode, which gives you a small window of opportunity to escape. Actually, they are a bit more effective than crucifixes, but they also occupy more space in the inventory, since it will also need a lighter.

First, sticks to blur can be purchased for $15, while the lighter costs $10. You will need both articles in your inventory to turn on the blurred sticks, or make a teammate carry the lighter and turn it on for you.

With the lighter in the hand, turn it on, then equip the spots stick and press the F key to turn it on. After that, you can place it on the floor in the ghost room or just take it with you. However, the stick only burns for a short time, which means that it has a very small window to use it effectively or will be wasted.

Because of this, it is recommended that you only turn it on when you are sure that the ghost is in the room with you (as indicated by a variety of things like ghost orbs or temperatures below zero). Once on, prevents the ghost between hunting mode for 90 seconds and can also calm a shadow for 180 seconds.

In addition, if you wear it during a hunt, the sticks will prevent the ghost from moving for a few seconds, allowing you to escape. This makes it more effective than the crucifix, which requires you to configure it before hunting begins, but you must use it correctly.

That is all you need to know about How to light spots sticks in Homophobia . Be sure to look for to get more tips and information about the game, as well as our previous view of Midnight Ghost Hunt, which can end up being another fun ghostbuster game that caught your attention.

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