Marvel Snap is basically 6 turns per game, and has a simple rules for the user who occupies two of the three districts, but if you open it in detail, several strategic elements are hidden. However, since it does not give all the information in the tutorial in the game, if you start the game for the first time, you may miss the victory due to the lack of information.


Therefore, I would like to briefly explain the basic system, how to proceed, and the UI information. Please refer to this article to achieve a high rank by learning how to proceed with Marvel Snap.

■ How to proceed with the game
Marvel Snap allows you to play the game using a deck with 12 cards. Both players start the game with three cards and draw one from the deck every time the turn starts. In three areas, up to four cards can be deployed, and the effects of cards and zones must be used to obtain higher power than opponents. A player with high power wins in that area, and if you win two or more zones, you will be the final winner.

The game is basically 6 turns, and the maximum energy required for the card starts with 1, and it rises by 1 every turn. When the game ends, you can get a booster by the number of turns, and you can upgrade the rating of the card by consuming boosters and credits you acquired.

If you win the game, you can also get a ranking cosmic cube. However, if you lose the iron rank, you should lose the cosmic cube.

■ Profile & Name Plate
Touch the profile at the top of the screen to see the number of the remaining decks of the player, the destroyed card, and the abandoned cards. If you touch your profile, you can interact with multiple interactions, and if you touch your opponent’s profile, you can set up or report it.

There is a name plate right below the profile, which shows that the name plate of a specific user is shining every time the game turns progresses. The player with a names plate means that it is a predecessor in that turn, so you can see who the nameplate is shining before the card is placed.

It’s a good idea to cultivate a habit of seeing who is the 1. This is because even if a card with the same effect is placed, the effect of the predecessor player’s card is released first. Depending on the effect of the card, it may be advantageous to activate first or later, so make sure to use it well to show the effect of the card as much as possible.

■ Cosmic Cube
Cosmic Cube is a ranking experience acquired at the end of the game. If you touch the cosmic cube, you can double bet, which can be done once per game, which is called ‘snap’. If you win both your opponent and yourself, you get 8 ranks, but lose that much when you’re defeated. So it’s usually good to snap when the victory is confirmed.

Of course, there is a way to use it back and snap it for deception, and encourage the opponent to escape.

■ Hand loss
Unless it is a special situation, the card can only be made from the hand in hand. Start with three cards at the start of the game, and every time the turn starts, one card is drawn from the deck. In other words, in one turn, you start with a total of four cards. Cards can only be up to 7 cards, and if a new turn starts with seven chapters, you can’t draw a card from your deck.

■ End & Escape button
The end button is a button that allows you to check and interact with information such as the number of turns currently in progress, the last number of turns of this game, the remaining time, and the turn. Every time the turn progresses, the current turn and the last turn of the game are marked. It also serves as a timer that tells the remaining time as the color of the button is slightly drained. If you have all the cards, you can press the button to finish the turn quickly.

If you feel disadvantageous during the game, you can escape the game by pressing the escape button at any time. Of course, if you escape, you will be defeated, but if you use the escape in an adverse situation, you lose only a small amount of cube. If your opponent’s victory has even snapped in a definite situation, it is also a good idea to escape quickly.

The escape is now escaped and after a while, and after a while, the escape is a reservation system that waits until the end of the turn and automatically escapes after the turn. If your opponent has chosen to escape now, if you win, and if your opponent selects the escape after a while, it will be drawn.

■ Energy
Energy displays the costs that can be used every turn. If you have enough energy, you can place your cards. The energy is only 1 at first, but as the turn passes, the maximum is 1 point, and in some cases, it may be temporarily rising with certain cards or zone effects.

For reference, if you touch energy, you will see a button of all behavior cancellation. If you press the button before the turn, you can initialize all the actions you did in that turn. Usually, you can use multiple cards and use it if you want to return it again.

■ Zone & Card Batch Zone
The field has a total of three zones. Each district is released every time one turn from left to the left. The three areas are randomly determined every time the game starts, and the same area is not changed unless the effect of a specific card or zone is activated.

The zone is a separate field that does not interfere with other zones, and both users can only place up to four cards in one area, allowing up to 12 cards per game. The highest power of the cards placed in the area wins the area, and the player with two or more wins the game. If the game is finished with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, the total power of the three zones will be combined, and the player with higher power wins.

The batch area is usually used only for placing the cards in the hand, and only four cards can be placed in one area. In a special situation, the cards that were placed in the last turn may be interacted with, which can move the area. Move the card in which you can move to the desired area and press the end to move the card to the corresponding area.

You can also freely recover the cards without the turn after the card is placed in an arbitrary area. However, if you have multiple cards, you must collect it in reverse order to place it from the beginning. If this method is bothersome, it is also a way to cancel all behavior by pressing energy.