In addition to the new characters announced for version 3.3 of Genshin Impact, another expected news is the new collectible card mode also confirmed in the update during one of the live oadcasts of Hoovers . The game has released new details of called the Sacred Seven , popular card game among Gen shin characters and will soon be available for players to test their skills as well.


The first evidence of the arrival of Trading Card Games (TCG) was through Data miner Batch, right by pointing the version where it would be available on the server. This type of game is based on strategies, combining custom cards with your goals. To make the community even more anxious, Horse revealed some custom letters waiting for fans, including characters like disc , kamikaze Ayala and collapsed .

There are no more official details about the operation of mode, but it will be permanent and will allow you to play with friends, characters from the East or NPCS universe. According to rumors, the TCG system may have daily and weekly tasks. In addition, leaks also showed what the general rules would be like. See below:

  • At the beginning of the game, each player buys five cards. Each player can make a card selection, so choose a character from his hand, which will be his active character.
  • With each round, each player rotates eight elementary data. The players play the round simultaneously and then buy two cards.

  • There will be a classification system, ranging from beginner to legend.
  • There will be challenges and gold letters.

Batch also commented that there were about 220 deck cards, including 25 characters cards from the playable characters in Genshin Impact.

The Sacred Call of the Seven is a card game originated in Summer , but expanded to other nations such as trauma and it is said that kamikaze Amato and into have as they Hobby. In the region protected by Arc hon Pedro, CNO is one of the examples that maintains the tradition of Summer.

It is noteworthy that the content is under development, so there are still chances of change. In addition, version 3.3 is scheduled for December 7th.