Game developer Ace Tom (CEO Kim Yo-jong) announced on the 2nd that it will announce the December Close Beta Test (hereinafter referred to as CBT) of GPS Action Mobile Game Building & Fighter, which is being developed, and recruit testers to participate.

Building & Fighter is a mobile game presented by Kim Yo-jong, the original author of Dungeon & Fighter. It features content linked to user’s GPS location and actions by various characters.

Since the actual location can be linked with the game to occupy Korea’s buildings and territory, the user expands the area by occupying the actual buildings of his location or certain region. You can fight.

More than 20,000 testers participated in the Alpha Test, which was held in August, and Ace Tom actively reflects the user feedback from the alpha test in the CBT in December, ▲ adding the character concept and adding new loads ▲ combat manipulation and action strengthening ▲ In my location, the company will showcase the new look, such as providing convenience, and providing convenience.

First, the appearance of the in-game character, the name of the subordinates, etc., and the characters’ ambassadors and scenarios are newly trimmed. New concepts and new concepts such as Ramirez, a distant dealer that shoots heavy stones through a slingshot, and a supporter ‘Mama’, which throws a spirit and knife to push the enemy and summons the command to assist the battle. New loads with characteristics are added.

In addition, various skills are added and reorganized, and level design (difficulty) is adjusted. The role and appearance of objects such as various terrain/materials will be adjusted.

The game began in a fixed position to secure test stability during the alpha test, but from this CBT, the main center is set based on the first region that started according to the planning intention. Users can change their main team at any time, and add the Bonus Change right that can be played in the desired area.

Lastly, the early tutorials are simplified, and the help is added, so you can check the information about the content during play. In addition, it will be further upgraded by changing the UI in the game intuitively and uniformly.

You can apply to the CBT through the Tester Recruitment page until November 27, and the selected testers can participate in the test for five days from December 8 to 12. Details of CBT can be found in the game lounge.

Kim Yo-jong, CEO of Ace Tom, said, I am grateful to all the testers who participated in the last alpha test and sent a lot of interest and affectionate support. We are paying attention to content polishing and development to show more fun games by enhancing the game by nourishing the alpha test.