The heroes are important in Overwatch 2, but so are maps. There are some that are a complete nightmare to play, but there are others that always promise a fun moment no matter what side you are. Here are the the 10 best Overwatch maps, classified .

10. Living Tower

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Living Tower is an Overwatch Control map that consists of three locations, each with its own sensation and design. However, only one of the three areas offered does not suffer obvious problems. Starting with the good, the great interior location of Control Center offers a multitude of points of view, coverage and attack routes that lead to a large central location where the control point resides. This map allows all styles and equipment compositions to flourish, since geography offers a variety of different focus options.

However, you can’t say the same as Night Market and Garden, which suffer from a more linear design, the latter being the largest offender. Unless you have a way to close the gap, the teams are forced to cross a very narrow bridge or try to channel their way through some small doors. This makes it exceptionally easy for teams to seal any attempt to violate your opponents. Night Market, on the other hand, effectively punishes the teams so that they do not attack the flanks of the control point, since they can be easily pushed and sent to their destination. The main fighting area of this map offers very little in terms of positioning, which forces most teams to hit each other at the main door.

9. Buchenwald

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment


Buchenwald, one of the two unloading maps of Overwatch launched so far, is one of the most shocking levels of Overwatch. However, there are two quite notable cracks in the armor of this level, the first one being the initial bottleneck for the attackers. This section, like Nakamura, requires that the teams have a Reinhardt and ME, since there is a very small opening through which the attacker must pass. This can be incredibly annoying, even with flyers like D.VA and Pharaoh that can flank behind the entire team.

However, once a team advances beyond this point, Buchenwald is quite pleasant thanks to the balance between melee combat and distance fight. While the second bottleneck at the castle door can sometimes be questionable in terms of being just for both sides, Buchwald is generally a pleasant battlefield. In addition, it has a reference to Dark Souls, which is always Welcome


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Lies is another control map, however, this has a rather strange design on its three levels. While the map is visually impressive, Lies suffers from control points out of place that are not exceptionally fun to play. The most notable is Well, which presents a huge bottomless well in the center of the capture point. This means that the real terrain to move is limited and characters like Pharaoh or Lucio can tear down a whole team with a well-placed coup.

Ruins is perhaps the most balanced, since there are enough locations so that both teams are covered and use them as approximation options, but Lighthouse is simply upset. The control point for which the teams fight is in a small room that almost does not offer maneuverability, and the equipment is punished for attacking the flanks because they will simply be shot down from the stage. Lies also suffers because it is easy for the equipment to establish themselves in strategic positions that will cut all approximation options for the enemy team, which will make it very difficult to recover.

7. Mirror: Gibraltar

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

On a Mobile A Excellent scale, Gibraltar is simply mediocre compared to some other payload maps. While the first and second capture points are balanced enough with several corridors and attack options, the last section is simply brutal. To capture the last point, players must fight uphill, which is never good for attackers, and there are very limited ways that teams can take to subvert this problem.

Yes, you can attack from one side, but your whole team is trapped in a very small room that makes it even easier to kill you. Once you take the hill, the third capture point is more tolerable since the defenders are generated close enough to have an opportunity to fight, but there is enough coverage so that the attackers do not stagnate for minutes.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

The newest map added to Overwatch, Oasis can be too new to judge. However, there are some interesting aspects that must be taken into account, such as the integration of a jump platform that can send users through the air and cars that will instantly kill anyone they touch. All real control points feel fair and offer enough coverage and strategic options so that when the control equipment is configured, its defense is not terribly punitive.

However, the Garden scenario has an important defect: you can play the point on the second floor. There is no way to get to this area out of turning the stairs, and Genii can compete without problems. Until now, this is the only obvious problem with the new Overwatch map, since it has been a fairly entertaining map to play.

5. Route 66

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Route 66 is on the best side of overwatch maps. Its balance of different attack options can adapt to both remote and close characters, and both the defending team and the attackers have engenders placed uniformly. Although the final push can sometimes be annoying, Route 66 offers enough plaque and position options so that it never feels as if the players were being channeled to an area of death. This makes the map feel quite fun, even if Route 66 is nothing special visually. It is simply a solid map, but there is no aspect that really highlights among the best that Overwatch has to offer.

4. Hollywood

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Hollywood, perhaps one of the most impressive visually impressive maps, combines unique scenarios with diversity in level design, which means that each area feels completely unique to the other. Combine this with the interesting routes that pass through each capture section, and Hollywood serves almost all the heroes of the list. This not only makes the game more dynamic, but you can also show some fascinating team compositions. In addition, making a robot director shout at the escort team from his limousine is quite fun sometimes.

3. Golden

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

When it comes to direct payload maps of Overwatch, gold is, with much, the best due to the incredibly balanced sections in each interaction area. Each bottleneck feels fair and offers enough side routes so that creative equipment can take advantage of the map design to ensure an area. While the final stretch has a fairly narrow generation door, the amount of coverage offered is sufficient for this to be tolerable. A really wonderful art direction is also shown that gives gold a unique personality through the three areas. Dorado is simply a very fun map to play, regardless of your range or the character you choose.

two. King row

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

King’s Row is a beautiful map that almost achieves a perfect balance between the defending/attacker. The first point has a quite strong bottleneck, but there are enough side routes that players can use to avoid channeling to a death box. This area feels like a great combination of nearby and distant fighting, allowing Widow makers and skilled Hands to rain death over their enemies from above. The way back from the appearance of the defender to the real point is long enough so that they cannot stop, but not enough so that, if you lose a person, you lose the point.

Once the players begin to escort the payload on the street, the fight is one of the best combat sections that Overwatch can offer. The wide variety of options, coverage and verticality allows smart teams to maintain unique defense positions. However, it is never unfair; The same options are given to the attackers whenever they have reached the second bottleneck.

The only defect of this map is that the third bottleneck can be quite problematic. Bringing the payload around the corner to the end point can be annoying, but this is generally due to the fact that players do not make intelligent use of coverage and the highest views. King’s Row is a magnificent map, and one that should be emulated in future levels of payload.

1. Nepal

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Nepal is an enigma when it comes to Overwatch maps, since it achieves an almost perfect balance between different equipment and heroes. The design of largely asymmetric levels reward to those who make the best use of their coverage, however, it never feels as if they were punishing those to try something new or different. The massive well is not as annoying as that of Lies since the point itself is quite large and is relegated to an area. The coverage is abundant, and the roof is high enough to justify the use of more vertical characters such as Pharaoh. Shrine is a fairly fun design that gives teams several ways to reach the central point, which makes defending the area an important challenge.

However, Village is, with much, the highlight of this map, since this section has some really creative rooms and corridors that can be used in ways that we rarely see in Overwatch. While there is a central strangulation, Village offers enough entries so that this section does not become a mandatory place for the defending team. It is an almost perfect level that has a great synergy with a multitude of characters in the game. While the other maps in this multiplayer game can be fun, Nepal is something completely different and the most balanced map in Overwatch. It is not perfect, since Nepal suffers from a quite difficult strangulation point at the sanctum level that can take eternity to break, but this can be overlooked if compared to the large number of positive aspects it represents.

That does that for our classification of the best maps in 2 Overwatch. Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including our classifications of the best DPS, support and tanks.

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